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Dinner tonight – Spiced Yogurt-Coconut stew

One of our classic south-indian dishes is “More Kuzhambu”, which is a spiced yogurt-coconut stew. Each dish starts with your very own spice mix, which varies from one house to another. The main vegetable for this dish can vary as well, but i used okra for mine. As a result, the variations on “more kuzhambu” are endless! Eaten with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice.

Dinner tonight – Dubujorim

My latest obsession has been finding Korean recipes for easy week-night meals. Thanks for Maangchi’s youtube channel, dinner tonight will be Dubujorim, or braised tofu. Enjoy it with steamed rice!


Singapore Eats: Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)

Singapore is home to a variety of communities; one particular one is the Japanese community. Singapore has several large Japanese department stores and along with come large food courts with several japanese options for food. One particular Japanese street food is the Takoyaki or Octopus Balls. These balls are stuffed with octopus and fried. They’re served on a platter with a generous dousing of mayonnaise, and special tangy soy sauce and bonito flakes! Simply scrumptious!


Singapore Eats: Ais Kacang

Singapore is located 1 degree north of the equator and is hot and steamy most of the year. There are several local desserts to help cool you off, but this one is my favorite! The malay dessert called Ais Kacang (pronounced “Ice Kachang”. Ais meaning Ice, and Kacang meaning nut).

This dessert starts off with a plate of agar-agar jelly, atap seeds, red beans (similar to azuki beans), corn (on occasion) topped with shaved ice. Then a mix of various syrups (typically Pandan syrup, Rose syrup and condensed milk) are liberally poured over the ice. This is the result! The perfect recipe to cool you down!


Singapore Eats: Pratology

I just came across this wonderful graphic on the science of Roti Prata called “Pratology”. This illustration shows you the variations from the plain roti prata, all the way to the dessert variety. I could use a tissue prata right now!Sinfograph-Pratalogy