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We choose bedroom rugs. What rugs are fashionable and will fit into your bedroom room?

Bedroom rugs will be a great way to make your bedroom cozier. Rugs are available in a variety of materials and in unusual shapes and colors. Find out which rug will suit Your interior!

Bedroom rugs – do you need them?

Rugs are an integral decorative element of many spaces, giving them unique character. Formerly associated with classical decor, however, they are also increasingly appearing in rooms in modern style. In addition to serving a decorative function, they will also be a good way to protect the floor from scratches. A rug in the bedroom will add charm and coziness to the decor, and getting up in the morning on a soft rug will become a pure pleasure.

Types of bedroom rugs

Types of drugs first of all can be divided in terms of what plastics they are made of. Rugs materials can be distinguished into natural and artificial. The natural materials include silk, cotton, wool and leather, among others. Plastic carpets are mainly made of polypropylene or polyester. Plastic and silk will be a good choice for people suffering from allergies. In addition to the different raw materials that bedroom rugs can be made of, you will also find many shapes and forms on the market. Explore the most attractive proposals!

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy bedroom rugs Shaggy are characterized by thick, soft and long piles of 3 to 5 centimeters in length. Rugs of this type are very warm, which makes them perfect for the bedroom. Shaggy rugs are made of polypropylene, polyester or acrylic, but there are also those made of a combination of wool and synthetic fibers available for sale. Shaggy rug will fit both the interior in classic style, as well as modern.

bedroom rugs

Round rug

The round rug will be the perfect complement to a bedroom with furniture with rounded shapes. A bed frame, closet, mirror or lamp with round shape combined with a round rug will create an interesting and cohesive effect that will attract many glances. Such bedroom rugs, especially patterned ones, are a common choice when decorating interiors in boho style.

Colorful rug

Colorful rug will be a great choice for serious interior, especially in the one dominated by shades of gray, white and black. A multicolored rug will significantly enliven a monochromatic bedroom and make you get up in the morning full of energy.

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Floral rug

Floral rug will be a great way to break up the seriousness of the decor. The geometric print fits perfectly into more modern interiors. Naturalistic and floral fashions will greatly warm up a bedroom in classic and rustic styles. No matter whichever design you opt for, this type of rug will be an intriguing design element.

Gray rug

Even minimalist interiors sometimes require accessories. If you have a bedroom in superior modern style and want to stay with uniform colors, gray rug will be a great choice. A braided or long pile rug will allow you to slightly warm up the interior, without spoiling the whole idea of minimalism in the bedroom design. A gray rug will also look great in a bedroom where the colors are warming – it will help to tone it down.

White rug

White textiles seem difficult to keep clean, but a rug in this color will be a very good choice for the bedroom. It will perfectly compose with minimalist, Scandinavian style. It can be modestor with the addition of a delicate pattern, tassels or with colorful threads.

bedroom rugs

Wool rug

Wool is characterized by high quality and durability. It does not deform over time, which determines its longevity. Despite appearances, it is very soft, so it will certainly be a good choice for the bedroom. Wool rugs also excellent warming, so they will provide you with effective protection against cold floors. Because wool rugs are natural, they can be significantly more expensive than those made of plastic artificial.

Fluffy rug

Fluffy rug, like Shaggy, will make getting up in the morning a pure pleasure. Chooseone larger covering most of the bedroom or some smaller ones. Such a solution will work well in a large room and will look very stylish. The fluffy rug will fit perfectly into any interior.

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Bedroom Rugs Arrangements

A rug will be a great choice for any bedroom, regardless of its size or style. Arrange it in an area you particularly want to highlight. Decide whether you prefer to match its color to the furniture or accessories. It can also stand out completely, so that you will enliven a monotonous decor. Subdued colors will achieve the complete opposite effect and tone down overly colorful decor. If you don’t have patterned bedding or curtains, a printed rug will also be an interesting addition and break up the uniform style. In case Your bedroom has a dark floor, bet on bright colors that will optically enlarge the space.

There are many rugs on the market with various shapes, patterns and colors. Shaggy, patterned, wool, colored or solid – a wide range of different carpets will allow you to choose the perfect addition to your interior. Whether you are planning to decorate a modern, classic or minimalist bedroom, you are sure to find something for you.

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