Breadworm pest
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Breadworm pest – main information and control

The breadworm pest is a rival of the kitchen mole. This microscopic pest feeds in dry foods, medicines and herbs, and fighting it may require the help of specialists. Learn how to identify and defeat the food intruder.

Breadfruit beetle – basic insect information and description

Breadfruit beetle is a pest belonging to the knockworm family. In appearance it resembles a small beetle with a dark brown or rust color,and the body is covered with dense yellow hairs. These insects, however, are almost invisible due to their size. An adult individual measures from 2 to 5 mm -so it is able to fit on a fingertip.

This species is found all over the world through it definitely thrives better in warmer climates. The ideal conditions are moderate humidity and temperatures oscillating between 20-23°C. In Poland, jackfruit hedgehog is considered a common species. If you see small brown worms on your windowsill or elsewhere in your home, it’s a reliable sign that you’re dealing with a hostbreadfly.

Where to look for a breadfruit host in the home?

Breadfruit host larvae can hide very well, making simply locating the pest a problem. It most often feeds in rooms such as kitchen, dining room or pantry. The beetle also likes to attack the home pharmacy or herbarium.

Small beetles can also wreak havoc on library collections. They destroy books by biting into their spines and then gouging small longitudinal tunnels. Far more common, however,they attack museums and archives which house centuries-old manuscripts. At home, however, look for the liver worm in packages of dry goods, medicines and herbs, as well as tea packets.

biscuit beetle

Why is this insect harmful?

The breadwinner’s pest is destroying dry food stored by humans. The insect dabbles in sidewalks, where it leaves droppings in the form of a fine yellow powder. It most often lives in cereals, flours, rice, bread and teas, as well as dried mushrooms. The insect is also resistant to some chemical compounds, such as strychnine, aconitine and hyoscine, among others, so that it can be found in medicines (hence its other different name -“pharmacy beetle”).

Females of the jackfruit beetle lay from 2 to 5 eggs in places of their own choosing, and they develop over a fairly wide temperature range (12-35°C). One generation of insects lives up to 200 days, but under favorable conditions up to 3 generations per year can appear.

If jackfruit worm nesting occurs, all food should be discarded. How to identify food infested by the pest? This is not an easy task, because the larvae of this insect are quite lazy which makes them soak in many places, remaining hidden from human sight.

Adult individuals have wings, which makes it even easier for them to move around. The mass molt occurs in June and July, so especially during this time you need to watch for the presence of small brown bugs or yellow bands.

Ways to get rid of the breadfruit host

The breadfruit host has appeared in your home! What to do? Home remedies may not be enough especially if you can’t locate the insect nest. In addition, applying chemicals on your own is dangerous.However, it is worthwhile to know some ways to get rid of the breadfly host.

UVL fogging

One of the surest and also most effective forms of fighting the intruder is UVL fogging, otherwise known as aerosolization. It involves spraying a thick cold fog composed of a hydrogen solution and a biocide. If you decide to use this method, call specialists who, with the help of a fogger, will lure the pest out of your kitchen. After such treatment, ventilate the room decently and thoroughly wash all the equipment that the fog has engulfed.

stegobium paniceum

Sticky trap

If you want to try to deal with the host on your own, use a sticky trap with pheromone -that is, a substance that lures the pests. Such traps can also be used to monitor insect activity. They do not contain chemicals, making them safe for humans and the environment. Unfortunately, the traps do not provide 100 percent effectiveness. This is because they will only work on the adults, while the larvae will still remain undetected.

Temperature control

As we mentioned earlier, breadworm larvae thrive at temperatures of 12-35°C. Any temperature below and above this range will be lethal to them, so the fight against the larvae can be carried out in two ways: freezing or annealing. The former involves exposing food to the cold (windowsill, balcony), and the latter involves heating the pest’s habitats to at least 50°C using special heating lamps. These simple methods, however, do not guarantee complete elimination of the pest.


Spraying with insecticides, i.e. insecticides,is one of the chemical methods that you can apply yourself or see a specialist – for safety reasons, we recommend the second option. With spot spraying, there can be a problem locating all the nests of the pest, so it is best to combine spraying with aerosolization to effectively get rid of the breadfruit host.

How to defend against an infestation?

In the case of a beetle infestation, the principle “prevention is better than cure” applies, so it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with basic hygiene principles that can counteract the nesting of the jackfruit host. A key element is proper food storage that is, keeping dry foods in separate, tightly sealed containers. This is important because the chaps of this species can bite through even aluminum foil. Equally important is frequent cleaning of the kitchen.

Adequate air circulation in rooms,where food is stored, also turns out to be an important aspect. Buildings should be insulated and ventilated; beware of excessively high humidity. Also ensure that there are no food leftovers in your pantry, and eliminate any gaps in the walls because these are ideal places for beetles to hide.

An additional method of prevention against the jackfruit beetle is using mosquito nets. Maintaining cleanliness, regular cleaning and ventilating the room will definitely reduce the risk of the appearance of an intruder in your home.

Pests are always unwelcome guests. Sometimes even despite proper prevention they will still find a way to appear.We have presented the most effective methods of fighting wormbreadfruit – it is up to you to choose the most suitable one.

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