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How to choose blackout curtains? What to pay attention to when buying and what to watch out for?

Darkening curtains play an extremely important role. What distinguishes this type of curtains from other products of this type? What material for blackout curtains will work best? We suggest which curtains to choose for the bedroom!

Darkening curtains – what are they for?

The blackout curtain is not only a stylish interior decoration but also a guarantee of privacy from prying eyes of outsiders. Shading curtains also provide sun protection.

As the curtain also serves a decorative function, it is worth choosing a model that will match the interior style of your apartment. Fortunately, today there are so many different colors, patterns, lengths and ways to upholster the curtains on the market that you are sure to find something for you.

What materials to choose for blackout curtains?

What material for blackout curtains will work best? A great choice would be jacquard, velvet, linen which is a natural fabric, or velour with a soft sheen.

The fabric for blackout curtains does not have to be dark and heavy. The above-mentioned materials come in a wide range of colors and also have different finishes. So you can opt for a curtain matteor choose one with gloss. In addition, you also have a variety of patterns and even material textures. This makes it easy to find the perfect blackout curtain for bedroom and living room style glamor, modern or even for a child’s room.

Remember that too massive and dark curtains can optically diminish the living room or bedroom and make the whole room look dark and heavy. Thereforeavoid excessively long fabrics in small rooms. Choose curtains so that they match the interior both in color and patterns.

What materials to choose for blackout curtains

How to wash blackout curtains?

How to wash blackout curtains is determined by the type of curtains you have. Fabrics such as linen, velvet or velvet can be washed in a washing machine. Remember to follow the instructions on the label. The wrong water temperature or too strong washing detergents can damage the fabric or lead to color fading.

Always choose the most gentle washing program, no matter what fabric the curtain is sewn from. Sun curtains should not be mechanically dried. Hot air has no beneficial effect on any material. It is best to dry the curtain so that water can run off it without any problem.

Darkening curtains should also not be spun. This can lead to creases in the fabric and even, in some cases, damage to the fabric. Curtains in intense colors should always be washed by hand. This way you will avoid color fading.

Can we wash with through blackout curtains? Of course we can! They are washed almost identically to any other curtains with upholstery. The grommets should not be removed for washing. You can put the curtain with grommets into a pillowcase for a large pillow. This way the grommets will not hit the drummond will not damage the curtain.

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The advantages and disadvantages of blackout curtains

Blackout is a fabric that is used to shade a room either completely or partially. Blackout curtains undoubtedly have many advantages. However, do they have any advantages?


Blackout curtains, as we have already mentioned, do not let light in. This is ideal for people who like to sleep longer and also for families with young children. It is also a frequently practiced solution in hotel rooms.

advantages and disadvantages of blackout curtains

Darkening curtains guarantee intimacy and discretion in one’s own apartment. In the evening, with the light on, no one from the outside will be able to see the interior of your apartment.

Blackout curtains are also sun curtains. Thanks to them, you will avoid overexposure to the interior, and in summer the interior will not heat up. This is an especially big advantage if you have wooden or eco-leather furniture. These materials, when exposed to the sun, can become pigmented and even crack or deteriorate.

Blackout fabrics also reduce noise and are certified non-flammable which is also a huge advantage. And don’t forget the rich color palette and wide range of patterns which makes blackout curtains an interesting decoration in the interior.


The only disadvantage of blackout curtains is their weight -especially when washing. Once the fabric begins to absorb water the weight of the entire curtain will increase significantly. So you may have some difficulties when hanging the wet curtain.

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Are there white blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains come in a wide range of colors. You will also findwhite blackout curtains among them, because it is not the color that is responsible for the degree of darkening of the room, but the type of fabric itself.

Additional white blackout curtains will be a great solution in small rooms. Dark curtains can make the interior visually look smaller, while white ones will optically enlarge the space.

Blackout curtains are an excellent choice for any interior. So if you are thinking about buying them, we hope we have dispelled any doubts. Choose the design that appeals to you and enjoy the many benefits of blackout curtains!

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