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Bathroom in boho style: how to bring trendy oasis decor into your interior? Tips and inspiration

The boho bathroom can become your dream zone of intimacy and relaxation. On the wave of popularity, the boho style has penetrated from fashion to interior design and has settled in for good. Such an arrangement will help you get a cozy and artistic mood in the bathroom as well.

Boho bathroom: cozy interior in the style of an oasis

The bathroom is an intimate place, a hiding place where household members hide every morning. So it’s worth investing in a cozy decor to put them in a good mood for the rest of the day. A boho style will be perfect for this. Boho, or bohemian or bohemian is a relatively new style that combines the artistic experience of French bohemia, hippie aesthetics and elements of ethnic cultures. Boho loves natural materials, earthy colors and thoughtful rustic design. Its inseparable elements are candles, plants and string crafts.

Why boho will fit perfectly in the bathroom atmosphere? The bathroom is a space for relaxing, taking care of yourself. While relaxing in the bathtub, everyone would like to surround themselves with cozy decor in the light of candles, accompanied by plants, admiring artistic decorations. Boho is a style that brings back memories of hot vacations. Why not surround yourself with it on a daily basis?

What interiors are boho style bathrooms suitable for?

The boho style can be introduced into any bathroom – it all depends on the ingenuity and originality of the household. However, it will work best in a spacious, bright interior. It is good if the boho style bathroom has a window -this will allow you to introduce more flowers and plants. In this type of arrangement will ideally find a bathtub – preferably freestanding. This gives more room for avant-garde display.

boho style bathrooms

Features of boho style in bathroom design

Although boho style encourages one’s own design experiments, it does have a few basic principles on which it is based. To make your boho bathroom your personal sanctuary, follow these tips.


Bohema likes muted, natural colors and earth tones. Opt for white, cream, beige or light brown walls. Such colors will emphasize the character of organic decorations and accessories such as plaids. However, it will not make your boho bathroom boring and expressionless. Colorful and bold accessories make a huge difference. You can decorate the wall around the mirror with decorative tiles.


Boho is based on natural materials. In the interior of a boho-style bathroom, therefore, wood, wicker or bamboo will be ideal, for example, bamboo curtains for the window. Woven baskets, woven hanging shelves or standing bookcases will be an ingenious addition. As for textiles, the most desirable are wool, linen or jute rugs.

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Homeowners hosting boho style in their homes must want to play with design. You can bet on multicolor ethnic and oriental patterns that will hang on the walls of your bathroom. A common decoration is also Buddhist mandala. Proponents of minimalist style can limit themselves to basic geometric or floral patterns which will correspond beautifully with plaids.

How to decorate a bathroom in boho style?

Since you already know what are general design guidelines for boho style, below you will find concrete inspiration and suggestions on how to decorate your bathroom oasis.


Tiles for the floor or wall can be an original addition to the bathroom. Arranging it according to the principles of boho style, it is worth betting on patterned tiles with rich ornamentation. Particularly coveted are those with ethnic, Arabic, Moroccan or Indian motifs.This is not only an inspiring reference to different cultures, but also an interesting counterpoint to subdued furniture, uniform walls and fixtures. If you don’t care about oriental emphasis of the interior, choose tiles with floral motifs, which will add to the bathroom the native climate of tropical countries or a small geometric pattern, which will fit better in rooms of smaller size.

boho tiles


In addition to tiles on the floor of a boho-style bathroom, there must be a rug. It performs an important function, being in addition an important and distinct decoration. The choice of pattern depends on how the floor looks. If it is uniform, it is worth matching it with an original multicolored carpet, for example, one with Turkish patterns. However, if the floor tiles are characterized by rich ornamentation, choose a white or cream rug. Remember to plan your furniture. You can contrast the color of the shelves and cabinets with the color of the ceramics and sink.


If you want to fully feel the boho vibe, opt for a free-standing bathtub, although this is not a prerequisite. A classic bathtub or even a shower will also not disturb the boho style. However, it is important that they are in subdued colors. A classic white bathtub with a designer gold-colored faucets will find a great place in the center of your bathroom.

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Fittings are best matched to the colors of the bathroom. Although they are not elements that immediately catch the eye, they will be an elegant complement to your boho-style vision. Remember that this style is not governed by rigid rules – in fact, every element can be different. This also applies to bathroom fixtures. You can choose faucets and sinks under the classic or modern trend. Both bright colors, as well as gold, bronze or even black will suit a boho-style interior. However, remember to keep harmony when choosing a color variant for your bathroom. Colors should not clash with each other or blend excessively.


When buying lamps, remember that the charm and exoticism of your bathroom will be especially emphasized by warm, intimate light. You can install small lamps near the mirror, forgoing the light from the ceiling altogether. A reference to the boho-loved Orient will be the presence of candles and incense.Not only will they spread a sensual scent in the bathroom, but in addition they will add to the atmosphere, making bathing even more relaxing.

Additions and decorations for boho bathroom

It is extremely important to select the right decorations and boho accessories. Without them, the bathroom will not have a soul. Here there are no limits – freedom in choosing patterns and colors is very wide. However, we advise what to choose in order to feel like in an oriental spa or on a paradise beach.

decorations for boho bathroom


Green plants are an integral part of boho style. They diversify the space and harmonize beautifully with natural colors. They can also become an ideal bathroom decoration, provided there is a window. Due to the high humidity that prevails in the bathroom, not all plants are worth placing there. Which ones are worth opting for? Sansevieria, also called serpentine is a very popular plant. It can thrive in high humidity conditions and does not need much light to survive. Another plant recommended for bathrooms is Sternberg’s ferns because it loves moisture. Calatea, although it is not the easiest plant to grow, will also work perfectly in the bathroom. His patterned leaves will be an original decoration of the interior. Other plants that are worth placing in the bathroom are wingfloweror zamioculcas.

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In a room arranged in a boho style, glowing and shiny objects such as vases will find a great place. They can be slim, simple, classic, glass or ceramic, or multicolored and with oriental ornaments. The vase will work well as a separate decoration, but you can also decorate it with dried pampas grass which is a distinctive addition to many boho arrangements.

Wicker baskets

As with boho, it draws handfuls from the arts and crafts of various ethnic groups,A very common decoration in this type of interior are wicker woven baskets, shelves or newspaper holders made of bamboo and reeds. They fit into the natural atmosphere of the boho style, and at the same time the plots of baskets and shelves are extremely original, fancy and give the interior character.

bathroom boho

Wall decorations

a bathroom cannot do without decorations – empty walls will take away its originality that boho promotes. One of the most important objects that is on the bathroom wall is, of course, the mirror which can be an interesting decoration that corresponds to the interior design. A mirror in a gilded designer frame or in a tasteful wood will help match the bathroom with a scandi boho style. You can also bet on pictures and illustrations in glass frames. A very popular boho decoration taken from French bohemia is photographs and souvenirs from exotic trips. However, the most characteristic decoration of the boho style is macramé. Macramé is a string decoration, its roots go back to the Middle East. It will work great in the bathroom, because it can be safely washed with mild detergents.

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The choice of towels, like other boho-style home accessories, depends on the overall design of the bathroom. Compatible with the determinants of the style will be white and cream towels, but also those with distinctive geometric patterns, artistic motifs, mandalas. Also desirable is a delicate finish with fashionable tassels. Make sure your designer towels are properly displayed with a retro wooden hanger.


The already mentioned bathroom rug is an essential piece of equipment. It can also be an interesting arrangement dot over i. You have a wide field here – consider rugs with floral ornaments, oriental ornaments, Persian patterns which are returning to favor. Boho style loves all kinds of fringes, so don’t be afraid of them in choosing your rug. In a small bathroom, square rugs will work best, in a long bathroom – rectangular.

Individualism and bohemian eclecticism helps to create a truly original space tailored to the tastes of the household in the bathroom as well. Make your boho style bathroom get some artistic exoticism.

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