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How to decorate a bedroom in boho style? Boho bedroom – tips and inspiration

Boho bedroom – arrange a secluded oasis in your home! How to arrange a room in boho style and bring a bit of exotic atmosphere to the interior? What are the characteristics of this decor and what colors and accessories will change the look of your bedroom? We suggest!

Boho style bedroom, or what kind of bedroom? Basic information

The boho style bedroom relies on nature – ecological materials, oriental patterns, playing with textures and colors.Light and subdued colors predominate for the most part, but a big role is played by breaking them with intense colors – oranges, reds, blues and lots of green, especially vivid green. It is to be cozy, but exoticand without rigid guidelines. The most important theme of the boho bedroom is ethnic patterns.

Boho refers to the artistic bohemian lifestyle, Therefore, it is important that your bedroom does not lack nonchalance – not everything has to be perfect, and fine carelessness will allow you to feel more freedom and increase the comfort of rest. Check out how to decorate your bedroom in boho style.

Boho style in the bedroom in a nutshell – these elements cannot be missing in your bedroom

Nothing adds such lightness to a space as cushions! These elements can transform any interior, but their choice cannot be random in a boho bedroom. Textiles with ethnic patterns, different textures and colors will add the most expression. They can have woven pillowcases with tassels and pom-poms. It’s good if they are made of natural materials like lenen or cottonwhich are airy and lightweight. When choosing pillows, don’t forget about jackets and rugs – they will further enhance the decor of the bed.

Boho style in the bedroom

Adequatelightingis extremely important. Opt for warm-colored fluorescent lights and decorative lamps. A great idea is wicker or bamboo woven lampshadeswhich create unique shadow patterns on the walls. Hanging pieces and wall-mounted models will work. In addition, you can think about smaller lamps on garland or LED strips. Fixing them at the edges of the dressing table or bed will allow you to achieve an atmospheric atmosphere not only in the evening.

Rugs and curtainsare design elements that you can’t miss in a boho style bedroom. If you do not want to replace the parquet floor, but at the same time you want it to match the color of the interior, you can change its appearance by choosing the right carpet. For a small boho bedroom, choose a small, round foot rug made of jute, for example. You can also find rectangular carpets made of cotton or wool with multicolored ethnic patterns.

The last piece of furnishings without which a boho-style bedroom has no right to exist arepotted plants. Juicy greenery brings a breath of exoticism to the interior and breaks up the bright tones. When choosing plants, bet on variety and decorate the room with both small and tall specimens. For example, monstera, palm trees, sansevierias and cactiwill work. You’ll add more boho style to your bedroom when you match the pots with covers – baskets or braids made of natural materials.

Boho style bedroom – colors

Begin your boho bedroom design by determining the color of the walls, which will allow you to plan the next elements and decorations. Style colors boho are based on bright and natural shadeswhich make the room appear larger. The best choice is white, shades of beige and gray. You can spice them up with earthy colors – browns, golds and oranges. Those who like offbeat solutions may like green boho bedroom. With such a project, however, it is worth taking care that the intense color does not dominate the entire room, but only provide an original accent, for example, in the form of one distinctive wall.

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Boho style bedroom – furniture

The bedroom is primarily a comfortable bed. What model will best fit into the boho decor? Opt for wooden workmanshipand a simple frame without additional decorative elements. At a lowcostyou can design and makea bed from pallets yourself.The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of repainting the wood in the color of your choice, so you will enrich the arrangement and at the same time preserve the original structure of the raw material. Beds withmetal framebut simple design, the appearance of which you will change thanks to decorative textiles, will also look good.

Cabinets, dressers or shelves should colorfully coordinate with the rest of the boho bedroom decor. Look for furniture made of wood or wicker. If you want to make use of the furnishings you already have, think about buying decorative additionsthat will add character.

Think about setting aside extra space for relaxing or reading books? Great, because in a bedroom decorated in boho style you can plan such a space. A perfect addition to the decor will be hammock or hanging armchairdecorated with natural fabric and tassels. Such a piece of furniture will add lightness to the space and provide you with a dream relaxation in your home oasis.

Boho style bedroom accessories

Boho style bedroom accessories

The key role in decorating a boho bedroom is played by accessories. What should you buy to improve the decor and get closer to the climate of exoticism in the apartment? Full freedom applies here – you can enrich the interior withdream catchers, paintings with a nature motif, figurines of Buddha or wild animals and colorful ceramics. You can hang on the wall a mirror decorated with a frame made of macramé, bamboo, rattan or wicker. This element will optically enlarge the room and add artistic expression.

An interesting solution is artificial furs hung on the wall or laid on the furniture and floor. On the other hand, if you are looking for containers for things, choose baskets made of sea grasswhich perfectly capture the boho vibe.

Boho style bedroom – inspirations

If you have no idea how to arrange the space of your boho bedroom – inspirations can be found on the Internet. Today, many social media users post their projects, so you can include some solutions in your bedroom. Search for them by relevanttags or hashtags. A good place to get inspiration is Instagram. You can set there to display only the most popular posts, so you can see photos that have been highlightede in the chosen category. Here are some of our suggestions!

A small boho bedroomcan also look goodwith decorative elements on the wall that make it more cozy. Its interior is enlivened by potted plants and decorative textiles.

The green wallin the boho bedroom creates a cohesive combination with a bedspread containing accents in the same color. You’ll achieve warm tones with wooden furniture and colorful accessories like cushions.

The scandi boho bedroomis a reference to Scandinavian style. If you like simple solutions, go for cool colors combined with wooden flooring and furniture in the same shade.

The boho style gives a lot of possibilities, including in the bedroom. From the choice of color to interesting accessories, everyone should find a solution that suits their taste and needs. Which of the inspirations did you like best? Bold color combinations or style classics?Share your opinion in the comments!

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