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Boho style in interiors – what are its characteristics? How to decorate a boho apartment? Tips and inspiration

The boho style is a casual and informal direction in fashion and interior design. A boho style apartment will be a cozy angle inspired by the richness of nature. Learn about the history of this trend and how to create a boho style interior.

Boho style – what are its characteristics?

Boho style originated in Franceand dates back to the end of the 18th century. Its name comes from the word”la bohème”which describes a bohemian, or group of avant-garde artists. The boho style, characterized by a variety of fabrics, naturalness of materials or ethnic patterns, was pioneered by artists who lost their fortunes after the French Revolution. Forced into a minimalist lifestyle, they began to intuitively compose their clothes and furnish their interiors with available materials. In doing so, they disregarded the fashion aspect. They relied on loose, informal style because they themselves were characterized by a relaxed approach to life and creativity.

The boho interior style came back into favor in the 1960sof the last century. The concept of a cozy space filled with personal trinkets and furnishings in the form of lightweight, comfortable furniture appealed to hippie circles. Frequent movers and open-minded representatives of this group appreciated the freedom afforded by the boho style. Currently, boho also has many followers, who enrich their interiors with accessories such as wicker pots, macramé, macatas or colorful rugs. Boho fans love handmade ornaments and furniture with history. The boho style room will be a cozy oasis. Thanks to the accumulation of memorabilia and sentimental objects that this trend is fond of, the living room or bedroom will become your personal kingdom.

Color palette for boho style

Boho style in interiors – how to introduce it?

The boho style of interiors is a fashionable trend that more and more people are opting for. Its introduction into the house is not a difficult process. You need to bet on an intuitive approach to aesthetics as the members of the bohemian artistic did. Keep in mind that boho style is based on naturalness. All elements – colors, materials, textures – should refer to it. By using colors such as greens, browns or beiges, you replicate the natural surroundings of a forest, meadow or field. To bring the look of the interior even closer to the natural world, enrich it with numerous plants. Vibrant plants will green up the space and add energy to it. While dried flowers, which can be stored in decorative glass pots or jars, will give the interior an atmospheric touch.

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Color palette for boho style

The color range of boho style is based on colors referring to the surrounding natural world. Natural colors positively influence the well-being of humans, who, in these days of intense development and fast-paced urban life, need at least a partial return to their roots. The boho style relies on dark green which resemble jungle vegetation, as well as beige reflecting the colors of the earth. Deepgrenades and delicate blues and turquoise referring to the sky, water and lavender flowers are also gaining popularity. The boho style interior will also feature muted yellows, oranges and browns. Light gray will also find its place in a boho room.

The choice of colors is as intuitive as possible. The use of natural colors both in the form of paints walls and floors, furniture or arrangement additions will make the whole interior look very harmonious. Boho bedroom or living room will give you the opportunity to feel like in nature.

Fashionable boho patterns

Similar to the color scheme, boho patterns revert to cultural roots. Boho arrangements use ethnic patterns as well as creations referring to exotic countries. Boho is characterized by eclecticism, that is, the combination of different styles. Thus, among the designs popular in these arrangements will be Moroccan, Indian or Indian influences. There will be fringes, oriental ornaments, as well as designs alluding to the original handicrafts of African tribes or European folk costumes.

boho style

Boho materials

Materials from under the boho sign are characterized not only naturalness, but also lightness. Many decorative elements and boho furniture are made of textiles for easy portability. This further influences the lack of the effect of overwhelming the room.

Popular materials include wicker, glass, clay, bamboo or rattan whose natural colors blend well with the boho style. Character will also be added to the room by ceramic ornaments or wooden finishes. Braids, threads and feathers are elements that are also worth betting on when arranging a boho-style room. The range of textiles used to create a stylish interior is also fueled by natural wool and cotton which are used to create atmospheric macramé and macaw.

How to decorate an apartment in boho style? Tips and inspiration

Natural materials and colors are only half the battle in creating a boho interior. As important as the choice of textiles or colors that harmonize with the environment is creating a mood. It is thanks to it that you will feel cozy and comfortable in your bedroom or living room. When arranging a boho style interior, consider its purpose. Boho decor will be rather loose, and a large number of ornaments and trinkets can give the effect of artistic disorder. Design your apartment so that you can function well in it. In the living room and bedroom, you can plan a place for casual relaxation. If you have an office, plan its arrangement more functionally. Limit distracting clutter, but stay with natural accessories, colors and vegetation.

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Boho furniture

Boho style furniture is not only light, but also decorated products. Much of the furniture that is used in boho interiors is made of wood, rattan or bamboo. In response to the demand created by the boho trend, furniture makers have begun to turn to a variety of nature-inspired materials. Such furnishings as rattan boho armchair, jewel chair or wooden cabinets with patchwork fronts are popular on the market. It is also worthwhile to insert low coffee tables and tables into the boho living room, which will provide comfort and an atmospheric finish to the room. It is also worth mentioning that boho style likes furniture with history. Therefore, in the decor will work well vintage furniture from antique markets.

Boho style accessories

Boho style accessories

In addition to furnishings, it is also worth considering atmospheric accessories that complement the entire arrangement adding charm to it. It is worth focusing on the elements that surround you in your home on a daily basis. Replace an ordinary mirror with a model with a decorative frame. A decorative wooden frame will completely change the look of the mirror and take advantage of undeveloped wall space. Another accessory worthy of attention is a lampshade. It will be a good idea to bet on its bamboo finish which will keep the arrangement in the spirit of naturalness. When buying a rug, choose a model with oriental patterns, with tassels or made of jute. Even an ordinary bed can be tweaked for boho style. You will do this by mounting a moody canopy over it. The canopy for the bedwill give the bedroom an intimate feel and will fit perfectly into the freedom that boho style offers.

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Boho decorations

Additional boho decorations will completely complete the furnishings of an atmospheric room. The boho pillowcase is a piece that will transform an ordinary pillow. A pillow with tassels or embroidered patterns will be a great decoration for a bed or sofa. Wooden lanterns or lampions will give a cozy atmosphere, and macramé hung on the wall will beautifully emphasize the whole idea of the arrangement. An interesting decoration will also be wicker pots or hanging from the ceiling macram for a pot which will serve as a hanging flowerbed. You can also put incense sticks or scented candles in the boho living room, which will provide a beautiful look and mood. Boho style kitchen, on the other hand, can stand out with interesting dishes. Glazed or ceramic plates and mugs will flawlessly fit into the requirements of boho style.

The boho interior style is an original type of arrangement that is worth introducing into your apartment if you like artistic freedom and feel the need to surround yourself with naturalness. Materials such as rattan, bamboo or wood will connect your home space with the natural world. Interesting accessories and numerous plants, on the other hand, will provide a strange finish allowing you to create your own cozy corner.

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