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Boho wallpaper – will it work in every interior? Inspirations and arrangements with the use of wallpaper in boho style

How to quickly transform an interior and give it a unique character? Lay down wallpaper! If you like a slightly extravagant style and have an artistic flair in you, boho wallpaper is something for you. See the most interesting arrangements using boho wallpaper.

Boho wallpaper – in what interiors will it work best?

Boho wallpaper will work in virtually any interior as long as this unconventional style suits you. On the one hand, there is no contraindication to cover an entire wall in the living room or bedroom with decorative wallpaper, and on the other hand – combine it with minimalist metro tiles in the bathroom and use it as a small decorative accent.

Are you dreaming of a boho-style kitchen? Wallpaper will also work well in this room. If you intend to papered the wall above the worktop, go for a thicker, washable wallpaper that is easy to clean, or protect the most dirt-prone areas with a transparent panel. A well-chosen boho wallpaper will also work well in a child’s or teenager’s room. However, in such arrangements it is better to choose motifs and patterns in more subtle, pastel shades.

Boho style – what are its characteristics?

Boho is a style colorful, extravagant and full of contrasts in which you can freely combine mismatched elements (at least at first glance). As befits a trend inspired by the artistic bohemianism of the 19th century it nonchalantly defends itself against pigeonholing and goes beyond any rigid framework. Besides, for more than a century boho has managed to draw from cultures around the world and adapt to other dominant styles (such as Scandinavian).

Happily, it is possible to list some of the most important elements repeating in boho arrangements:

  • motifs and patterns inspired by folk culture (from African to Oriental to our native Slavic culture) – you’ll find mandalas and tribal paintings, as well as Lowicz cut-outs;
  • warm, vivid and vivid colors, often in bizarre juxtapositions (the exception is scandi boho, in which colors are rather subdued, and the “free spirit” can be seen in the use of graphic patterns referring to nature);
  • a return to nature expressed through the use of both floral and animal motifs, as well as raw materials (e.g. linen, wool, wicker, wood, clay);
  • unusual decorativeness.

Arrangements using various boho wallpapers

Artistic arrangements are perfectly suited to wallpapers with floral, animal and ethnic motifs. You can find them in the offer of various manufacturers (they are often hidden under the names “boho floral wallpaper”, “boho leaf wallpaper”, “boho forest wallpaper” or “oriental wallpaper”). How specifically can they be used in the interior? The photos below show ideas for using specific boho motifs.

boho wallpapers

Floral motif

Boho flowers can be delicate, romantic, exotic, pastel, flamboyant -in a word, the most diverse. On floral motif wallpaper both small bouquets, evenly distributed over the entire surface, as well as colorful flowers on the XXL scale.

Leaf motif

Boho leaves often take an eye-catching, graphic form which is accentuated by a bright background. For example, the leaves of monstera, ferns or palm trees look exceptionally good. Also interesting are vertical branches full of leaves and fruits that stretch across the height of the wall, such as oranges, lemons or papayas. Remember that the leaves do not have to be green at all. They can resemble drawings from the notebooks of Renaissance explorers or take on the most fanciful colors, such as purple, yellow or turquoise.

Forest motif

The forest – coniferous, deciduous or exotic – has some kind of mesmerizing, primal power. Using such a motif on a wallpaper will turn even an ordinary room in a block of flats into a real urban jungle.You could say that this pattern is leaves on a macro scale.It looks best in combination with a dark, even black background and metallic elements.

You will also introduce an unusual atmosphere in the interior with the help of the main color, which has such paper (green). Boho motifs,such as huge leaves straight from the jungle combined with other African accessories, such as wooden masks or animal carvings will allow you to go on a journey without rising from the couch.

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Animal motif

Animals on boho wallpaper can appear botho solo, as well as against the background of the first three motifs (that is, flowers, leaves and forest). On the walls look beautiful birds, such as pink flamingos, multicolored parrots, oriental cranes or subtle swallows. A boho wallpaper will show off equally well vegetables (butterflies, dragonflies) or wild animals (tigers, elephants, giraffes). You can also use animal motifs of spots, stripes or leather, but in moderation, so that the effect does not come out kitschy.

Folk motifs from around the world

Ethnic boho-style wallpapers are often decorated with simple, geometric and expressive patterns (e.g., Aztec). An interesting option is also tiles that imitate ceramic tiles, such as Portuguese azulejo or Moroccan mosaics. On the walls, you can also use mandals (colored or monochrome), stripes and zigzags resembling fabrics, feathers and plumes or the Persian pattern Paisley.

Boho wallpapers in different rooms – inspiration

How can you use boho style wallpaper in specific rooms to create a cohesive arrangement? See our suggestions for the living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and rooms for kids of different ages.

The living room

The boho wallpaper is an extremely decorative and eye-catching element of the room. Where can you put it in the living room to really play first fiddle? One of the most intuitive places is the wall behind the lounge furniture. If you want to go big, put boho pillows or a blanket on the armchair or sofa – not necessarily with the same motif as the wallpaper. For dark XXL foliage, match a pillowcase with a colorful parrot, and for delicate flowers – a striped wool blanket. To combine different patterns, use at least one common color element.

Another option is to wallpaper the wall behind a low dresser on which you will set folk decorations. You can also lay a boho wallpaper behind a wall unit with RTV equipment – then it will be less visible. This is a good suggestion to start with, if you’re not quite “feeling” the boho vibe yet, or you just want to liven up the minimalist living room a bit.

boho wallpaper


For a boho style bedroom will work, for example, wallpaper with a floral motif. Thanks to it you will create a romantic mood in the interior. Oriental patterns in intense colors will make you feel like in The Book of a Thousand and One Nights. On the other hand, leaves, wild animals or colorful butterflies will transport your bed straight to the jungle.

The hallway

The hallway is usually small, so choose boho wallpaper in light colors with more subtle motifs. Use, for example, white and black geometric patterns to optically enlarge the interior. Wallpaper in dark colors will instead look good on the wall with a mirror, especially if you take care of atmospheric lighting.

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Boho bathroom is an interior atmospheric, mysterious and full of charm. In a room of smaller size looks great boho wallpaper laid over a lamella of ceramic tiles or panels on the wall with a sink and mirror. In larger bathrooms, decorative wallpaper in vivid colors can be the backdrop for a refined bathtub.

Youth room

If you want to decorate a youth room in boho style, A safe choice will be subdued scandi boho with blue or beige as the leading color. Remember that for a teenager, the bedroom is often also a place to study, so too flashy colors or an excess of motley colors can distract him unnecessarily. However, this is only a suggestion – the room should appeal first of all to its owner, so take into account any suggestions from your teenager.

Children’s room

Many kids dream of a bedroom reminiscent of an Indian village or a jungle-the perfect place to play. What motifs can you use in such a room?Boho wallpaper for a girl can be decorated, for example, with pink flamingos or cheerful owls. The boy will probably like more wild animals such as lions, bears or deer, or geometric patterns.

Boho wallpaper is a great way to add character to an entire room. You can put it anywhere, either XXL or as a decorative accent. The most popular boho motifs are all vegetal variations (flowers, leaves, fruits) and animaland ethnic designs. So if you have an artistic soul or dream of traveling around the world, boho style wallpaper will allow you to express it.

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