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A breastfeeding chair – does every mom need one? We suggest what to look for and what kind of chair to choose

Is the right nursing chair essential? Any mom who has breastfed her baby will answer that yes. A comfortable chair is an absolute must have, especially with four hours a day spent in almost the same position. How to choose it?

Comfortable breastfeeding chair – what should it be?

On the market you will find chairs that have been specially designed with breastfeeding in mind (e.g. “floating” chair by Childhome or Hauck). They combine extreme comfort, as well as rocking and swaying functions. Their big disadvantage is their high price (at least $300), considerable size and design, which does not suit everyone (although many moms who have tried them would not exchange them for any other).

On the one hand, you do not need to buy a chair specifically for feeding. In the offer of many manufacturers you will find extremely comfortable, traditional chairs that will work very well in this role. But on the other hand, some solutions used in products dedicated to moms are a good hint what a comfortable nursing chair should be.

First of all, it must fit your body structure. Wso take a trip to furniture stores and “try on” different options. What you absolutely must consider before buying a nursing chair?

breastfeeding chair – does every mom need one

What kind of breastfeeding chair to choose?

Whether a breastfeeding chair will be comfortable and practical is determined by several factors. Here they are:

  • Construction – the backrest should provide stable support for the back and head, As should the armrests for the hands. The seat while, must be wide and deep enough to allow you to sit on it in different positions (such as Turkish) or lay down a pillow for feeding.
  • Material of construction – velour or velvet upholstery will not work best. Choose a material hydrophobic and easy to clean(not hard to get stains while breastfeeding).
  • Design – a nursing chair over time will just become a regular chair. So it’s worth thinking about where you will put it later – in the bedroom, living room, or maybe the children’s room? Invest right away in a model that will fit the arrangement.
  • Additional functionalities the ability to rock and recline, bottle or glass holders, pockets for small items, footrest, etc. increase the comfort of the chair. Every mom should choose the ones that suit her best.

Baby rocking chair

Baby rocking chair makes it very easy to sit down and stand up with a baby in your arms. A newborn baby usually weighs about 3 kg, but an infant grows all the time and over time you may find that you need to lift yourself out of the chair with an additional load of 10 kg! Besides, peaceful rocking calms both toddler and mom.

A rocking chair can also be more traditional, with a wooden frame and armrests. However, you will also find modern runner ear chairs in a multitude of colors.

Earched chair

Earched feeding chair is also a very comfortable option. It provides solid support for your back, head and hands, and a huge selection of upholstery designs and shades will allow you to match it to any interior. Many of them come complete with a footrest which is an added advantage.

Folding Feeding Chair

Folding Feeding Chairenables you to assume several positions – sitting, semi-reclining, and even quite horizontal (useful if it becomes necessary to feel at the baby’s crib). Such a chair also provides support for the legs which often brings relief to tired mommy feet and calves.

Folding Feeding Chair

Baby Feeding Pillow

Baby Feeding Pillowis also a very useful accessory for mom. It has a shape rogal that “embraces” the sitting woman’s waist with its arms and allows the infant to be positioned at breast height. This prevents the nursing mom from having to constantly bend over the toddler and also keeps her hands free.

If you want to use a nursing pillow, check whether you can fit it on the seat of the chair. Many moms have found that when it comes to cushions, it’s a good idea to buy a chair model with slightly lower armrests-the cushion can rest comfortably on them, while providing support for mom’s hand.

What should be in close proximity to the breastfeeding chair?

A comfortable feeding chair for mom is the most important, but not the only equipment for the infant corner. What else is worth including in it, if you have enough space?

  • Small table. During feeding time, you will calmly put on it, for example, a mug with warm tea, a book or your phone. Practical will prove to be a model with several drawers, a shelf or a container for blankets. This will ensure that you have useful items on hand (snacks, charger, extra cover, breast pads, toiletries, moist wipes, etc.).
  • Supply of water and snacks. Of course, you can prepare yourself a glass of water and a little something every time you plan to feed your toddler. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to make things easier on yourself and keep such supplies close to the chair.
  • Lamp. Overhead lighting does not work well if you are feeding your baby at night. A dim light will make it easier for your toddler to fall asleep and won’t disturb anyone (especially if the feeding area is in your bedroom).
  • Footrest. If it does not come with an armchair or you do not have a folding model, it is worthwhile in other ways to be able to place the legs higher. For this task will work, for example, a pouf with a container (in which you will hide blankets and other small items).
  • Books, magazines, e-book reader, tablet, etc. that’s all,which will make your feeding moments more pleasant and provide some entertainment. Choose what you like – some moms love to read, while for others it’s a good time to browse social media.

As mentioned, the arrangement of a feeding nook depends on how much space you have available. From the suggested items, choose the ones that will be most useful to you.

In summary, a nursing chair is essential for every mom. If you want, you can buy a special “floating rocking” model designed specifically for this activity. From the wide range of furniture manufacturers you are sure to choose something for yourself – an ear chair, a rocking chair or a folding chair. Don’t forget to equip your nursing corner with a pillow for mom, a table and a few other trinkets!

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