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We choose and prepare Christmas decorations for the window

On the glass or on the windowsill? With your own hands or with ready-made elements? Christmas decorations for the window will effectively bring a festive aura to any room. Explore our suggestions for impressive Christmas window decorations and choose something for yourself!

Christmas decorations for the window – there are many ideas

Christmas decorations strongly affect building Christmas atmosphere. Decorations can take a wide variety of forms – strobes, Christmas trees, lights, wreaths or garlands. A very big role in shaping the holiday climate is window decorations. Ideas for decorating windows or window sills are plentiful. Windows give a lot of room for all lovers of Christmas decorations.

On the windows you can attach luminous LED decorations in a variety of shapes – stars, Christmas trees, Santa’s sleigh. They make the decoration not only illuminate the room a bit, but also visible from outside. On the window frames there can be Christmas tree lights which will give a glow in any color. Besides, the windows can be decorated with artificial snow or gel ornaments Christmas patterns. Think about DIY decorations that you can put on your windows, and give as gifts to loved ones.

Windows are not only panes and frames, but also sills, which can be decorated delicately or created on them a multicolored model of a Christmas town. Subtle decorations include small Christmas trees or reeds, and in the version for the brave, numerous figures depicting snowy buildings, windmills, snowmen or Christmas trees can be placed on the windowsill. The whole can be supplemented with artificial snow in the form of cotton wool and living sprigs of igneous trees. Such decorations will appeal especially to the youngest.

What Christmas decorations to choose

What Christmas decorations to choose? Get inspired by these ideas

The amount of inspiration and ideas for window decorations can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re having trouble deciding how to decorate your window for Christmas, be sure to take a look at the compilation of the most interesting suggestions below.

Ornaments for the windowsill

The windowsill, especially a wide one, allows for a wonderful Christmas arrangement. You can pad it with a blanket or doily in a Christmas pattern and set a strobe made, for example, from Christmas tree branches or a reed in a pot in the middle. In addition, around or on the reed can be candles in Christmas scents, of which there is currently a whole lot on the market. It is best to bet on natural soy candles with spicy aromas which immediately bring to mind Christmas. Fragrances with notes of orange or tangerine will also work well .

Instead of candles on the windowsill, you can also arrange lamps. If there is a contact nearby, these can be ordinary Christmas tree lights. If not – it is worth choosing battery-operated ones. On the windowsill you can put decorated Christmas trees, for example, handmade from pinecones. Besides, with Christmas figurines, you can create a small Christmas town in the comfort of your apartment. Fans of minimalism often choose lamps to decorate the windowsill, in the interiors of which you can place candles or lights. This is an elegant solution that will work not only during the holidays. In addition, Christmas chains can also be placed on the windowsill.

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Decorations on the glass

A lot of decorations can be placed on the glass. It is very common to find luminous LED ornaments in various shapes. In stores every year you can find new, delightful designs – Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen, shooting stars, snowflakes or bells. They usually glow with a warm, golden light. Besides, on the windows are popular patterns made with artificial snow spray. This is a subtle decoration that is made with special stencils. Templates can be purchased or made yourself from paper. It is also worth creating your own designs without using frames. In recent years, gel window stickers have become quite popular. Usually these are very colorful decorations depicting festive designs or inscriptions, which when removed do not leave any traces on the glass.


Christmas lighting is always a good idea! The lights can be found not only on the Christmas tree, but also on the window. In addition to the already mentioned LED ornaments and lights that can be placed on the windowsill, light curtains are very impressive. They can be mounted not only on the window, but also, for example, on a curtain rod, so that they become not only a decoration of the window, but also of the entire room. Curtain lights often have shapes of stars, Christmas trees, snowmen or reindeer, so they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of December evenings. They will be gently visible also from the outside, so they will work well as part of the decoration of your home or balcony.

Christmas ornaments for the window

Christmas ornaments for the window you can prepare yourself!

Although stores are already bursting at the seams a few months before Christmas, you don’t at all have to spend a lot of money to decorate the interior of your apartment. Plenty of Christmas decorations for the window can be prepared with your own hands at home. Below are two suggestions that may inspire you.


Cutouts are probably associated with your childhood, but the practice you acquired years ago may come in handy when decorating your window for the holidays this very season. Creating cut-outs is a great way to spend time with your family. Invite your loved ones and children and together make impressive cutouts. Just prepare cards and scissors, and you can easily make cut-out snowflakes or stars. If you care about more complicated patterns – there are plenty of templates on the Internet, which you can print out. Then you just need to cut out the appropriate fields to get beautiful, openwork decorations that will decorate your Christmas window in a delicate way. You can attach them to the glass with small pieces of transparent tape. An interesting idea is also to make curtains of cut-out stars or snowflakes. Just attach the elements to threads or strings and hang them on the window.

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Stroyer is a very versatile decoration, because it will work not only on the windowsill. You can also place it on a table or dresser. It will work well both at home and in the office or study. To make a reed of coniferous twigs, you will need base and florist’s sponge. The twigs should be pounded into the sponge from the bottom, upwards. Once the entire sponge is covered, you can get down to decorating the reed. The top can include candles, baubles, dried citrus, cinnamon sticks, beads or artificial snow – whatever you feel like. Besides, the reed can also be made on a tray or decorative plate. Just line the bottom of the serviette, cotton wool or small branches and put any figures, candles, baubles, pinecones or a small Christmas tree on top.

A window can be decorated with little effort but the effect is usually spectacular. Now you know what Christmas window decorations are the most popular, and that even just Christmas tree lights on the glass are enough to decorate. Let us know in the comments which Christmas decorations you liked best.

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