Christmas lighting
Tips and tricks

Christmas lighting – a magical foretaste of Christmas. We present spectacular examples of Christmas illuminations!

Christmas lighting is an integral part of December. You can find Christmas illuminations both in city centers and in home gardens. Find out how to feel Christmas and its atmosphere with luminous home and garden decorations.

Christmas lighting – make everyone feel the upcoming holidays!

Lighting plays a very big role in adding atmosphere not only to rooms, but also to various events or entire cities. Just as the lights at concerts affect the perception of the entire show, Christmas lighting has a very large impact on our mood and allows to feel the upcoming holidays.

Christmas lighting is not only Christmas tree lights, but all the luminous decorations that we can admire already a few weeks before Christmas. Any outdoor decorations mounted on buildings or bushes build a festive atmosphere in each of us. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the upcoming December holidays – be sure to read the following lighting tips.

How to choose Christmas lighting? Practical tips

If you dream of a Christmas house like from American Christmas movies – it is possible! However, before you start decorating, it is worth taking care of a few key issues. The first is a lighting plan. Draw out exactly where and what lights you want to place. Then it will be easier for you to count how many of a given decoration you need.

Before buying lights, make sure they are suitable for outdoor placement. Some lights should only be used indoors. Once you’ve bought the right lights, be sure to check that they work before installing them and ensure your safety. Decorate your home when it is bright, windless and not raining. It is also important to stock up on waterproof extension cords and special brackets for attaching lights.

Wondering when to install your home’s Christmas lights? The first Christmas decorations in stores start to appear already some months before Christmasbut it is not worth tuning up your building so soon. The best time to install lights is around Santa Claus, which is December 6. This is the time when the holidays are really close, so that’s when it’s easiest to feel their atmosphere and climate. For less than a month, the decorations shouldn’t raise your electricity bill too much either. Lights are usually taken down after the New Year.

How to light up a house

How to light up a house? Examples of various illuminations

If you’re looking for inspiration for illuminating your home with lights, below we have prepared examples of decorations that you might like. See how many forms Christmas lights can take and don’t be afraid to combine them.

Christmas lights for balcony

The balcony is a field for lovers of Christmas decorations. The balustrade can be decorated in many ways. One of the most popular is to place a curtain of lights on it, which is also often combined with girlands of green branches. You can also wrap the rungs of the balustrade with ordinary lights on a cable.

In addition, LED ornaments for example, in the shape of stars or Christmas trees, which are highly visible even from a distance, are often installed on balconies. On top of that, mainly residents of small apartments increasingly decide to put lighted Christmas trees on the balcony so as not to waste space for them in a small living room. The light of the lamps from the balcony comes into the interior, creating in the evenings an unmistakable festive atmosphere.

Christmas illumination in the window

Windows are a great place for small light decorations. You can mount on them both ordinary lights and LED ornaments in Christmas shapes. Stars, Christmas trees, Santas or snowflakes – store shelves are overflowing with such decorations. Window illuminations look striking outside, but they also provide a cozy atmosphere inside a house or apartment. It’s a great way to have outdoor Christmas lights if you live in a block of flats.

Christmas illumination in the window

Light curtains

Exterior light curtains are some of the most popular light decorations, and you shouldn’t be surprised because they look really impressive. They take the form of one cable (of various lengths), to which shorter cords of lights are attached perpendicularly. Currently, you can buy light curtains almost in all colors, so you can exactly match this decoration to your preferences and compose it with other elements of your Christmas decorations.

Ice icicles

Luminous ice icicles form similar to light curtains. However, instead of dangling cables with lights, icicle-like elements play the main fiddle here. The plastic icicles contain lights, which make the decoration look extremely impressive. Most often, luminous icicles are placed where icicles would naturally occur – under balconies, terraces or under the roof. They can also be used in the garden for example, attaching them to trees or fences.

Lighten up your surroundings!

Christmas houses we associate with American movies not only have decorated walls, windows or balconies, but also the gardens around them. Below are some inspirations for Christmas lighting your surroundings.

Lights on garden shrubs and trees

By far the most common form of light decorations in gardens are lights on shrubs and trees. This is a simple yet effective way to achieve a festive atmosphere next to your home. Usually, these are the same lights that hang on the Christmas tree hung around the plant. However, increasingly fashionable are LED grid with which trees or shrubs are wrapped, so that they are evenly covered with lights of any color.

Lights on balcony

Christmas balls

Winter and holidays are undeniably associated with snow, covering houses and gardens profusely. All lovers of creaking powder should reach for luminous garden balls. These are white balls of various sizes that inside have mounted lights. They are usually placed on the grass and if snow falls – they blend in wonderfully with it. They look like snowballs prepared to create a snowman. Depending on the size of the garden, you can place several or even a dozen of them.

Christmas fence decorations

The fence surrounding your home and garden can become a way to decorate the property perfectly. Its decoration is quite similar to the decoration of a balcony railing. On the fence you can also hang ordinary lamps, garlands, LED figures in festive shapes or light curtains. It all depends on the type of fence and your preferences.

Light garden figures

In recent years, light garden figures have become very popular. These can be LED three-dimensional figures such as reindeer with sleighs or Christmas trees, as well as inflatable colorful figures with lights placed inside. Inflatable figures usually include snowmen, Santas or fairy tale characters. Among the latter, a very popular one is Olaf from The Ice Age. Garden figurines can also include Santa Clauses climbing LED ladders. These can be found on walls and balconies, as well as trees or gazebos.

As you can see, Christmas lights can take many forms, but the purpose of all these decorations is one. They are to put us in a festive mood and make us feel the true magic of Christmas. In addition to the decorating methods discussed above, more and more people are also opting for laser Christmas lighting of the house through which moving elements – snowflakes, stars or other patterns – appear on the walls of the building. Let us know in the comments which way of Christmas lighting you like best.

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