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What should be a closet for a bedroom? We will advise you which one to choose and what to pay attention to when buying! See the most interesting bedroom closets in different styles and colors

The bedroom closet is the second most important piece of furniture in this room (right after the bed). But which one will be best – minimalist or decorative? Custom-made or ready-made closet? With drawers or without? See sample arrangements.

What should be the perfect closet for a bedroom?

If you want your bedroom wardrobe to become known as “the perfect one”, it must be tailored to your needs, functional and capacious. At the same time, with its size and design, it must not overshadow or dominate the bedroom – a room that like no other is associated with relaxation, rest and intimacy.

Bedroom closet – ready-made or made-to-measure?

The ready-made wardrobe is certainly the faster and cheaper solution. You just need to know the dimensions of your bedroom and the style in which you want to furnish it, and then go to any furniture store and make a purchase. Manufacturers are even outdoing themselves in catching up with closet users and creating fancy and practical storage systems – so there will be plenty to choose from!

However, in bedrooms very small, narrow, uncluttered(e.g., non-standard shape or with slants), finding a matching piece of furniture can be a real challenge. The same is true when a bedroom closet needs to accommodate many different things and an individual design of its interior is necessary.

Size bedroom wardrobe means a lot of decisions to make: material, color, type of furniture fronts and handles, as well as additional elements such as bars or shelves. However, if you manage to deal with this, after installing the cabinet you will surely come to the conclusion that the end result was worth all the efforts.

What to look for when choosing a closet?

The best closet for a bedroom is the one “tailored”. It does not necessarily have to be a customized piece of furniture, but tailored to individual needs already is. So before you buy, you need to consider several important factors.

What to look for when choosing a closet

Room dimensions

It might seem that “large bedroom = large bedroom closet” and “small bedroom = small closet”. However, this is quite a simplification. Even if you have impressive square footage, you don’t need to put the biggest possible closet in your bedroom (unless you want to). A closet that can accommodate all your clothes and other belongings will suffice.It is assumed that for a set of clothes for one person you need a closet 140 cm wide and about 200 cm high, but of course in your case it may be different. Maybe you are a proponent of “capsule closet”or, on the contrary, you have an impressive collection of shoes.

On the other hand, even in a small bedroom it is possible to insert a capacious wardrobe. In this case, a good solution will be a full-wall wardrobe with sliding doors in a color similar to the walls. And if you want to further optically enlarge the room, insert a bedroom closet with a mirror instead of the fronts.

As we have already mentioned, in bedrooms with irregular shapes, made-to-measure furniture works well. However, you can also buy a set which consists, for example, of a narrow bedroom closet, a few hanging shelves and a low dresser – there is a good chance that it will fit even under a slant.

The style in which your bedroom is decorated

For a bedroom decorated in minimalist or modern style a closet with smooth, shiny fronts without handles fits. Do you prefer interiors in romantic, rustic atmosphere? Choose a cabinet made of wood with a beautiful grain or a piece of furniture with elaborate handles.


The most expensive will be a custom cabinet. The cost includes the design (although sometimes it is already included in the construction price), materials and accessories (such as backlighting, handles, rods), carpentry and labor. A large custom closet can cost even several thousand dollars!

A fairly economical solution is to buy a ready-made piece of furniture or a set. You have to expect to spend more than a few hundred dollars. The price depends on the size of the closet, materials, manufacturer, etc.

Overall (in arrangements extremely low-budget) you can limit yourself to inserting hanging or so-called textile wardrobe. The cost of such a solution falls even below $30. Is it worth it?Yes, if:

  • you move frequently (many such furniture easily folds and unfolds),
  • you rent an apartment and don’t want to invest in a “permanent” closet,
  • you can’t spend too much but you need a place to store your clothes, bedding, towels, etc.
style in which your bedroom is decorated

Individual user preferences

Before choosing a piece of furniture consider a few things too. What do you prefer:

  • drawers or shelves?
  • sliding, folding or outward opening doors?
  • fronts with handles or without?
  • with a mirror on the outside, inside, or no mirror at all?
  • cabinet only for clothes, or also for other items?

Sit quietly in your bedroom and imagine all the details carefully. Try to “open the door” or “arrange things on the shelves.” Such visualization will certainly help you choose a cabinet well.

Strong color accent – a closet in an unusual color

Although it is assumed that the bed (and not the closet) is the most important element of the bedroom, there is no shortage of supporters of bolder arrangements. A closet in a strong, intense coloris an interesting idea to enliven the interior. So, if you want to feel a surge of energy as soon as you open your eyes, a turquoise or maroon wardrobe may very much appeal to you!

If the closet is large enough, you can also decorate its fronts with a wall mural. This is an extremely interesting decoration that will bring a unique atmosphere to the bedroom. Or maybe you will like a closet with remarkable two-color doors or fancy milling? There is no shortage of options for diversifying the look of the bedroom.

Bedroom closets – the most interesting arrangements

Time for some inspiration! The photos below show the most interesting bedroom arrangements with a closet in the background (or starring role). May they help you find your dream one!

As you can see, a closet in the bedroom is a very important piece of furniture-in fact, an essential one (unless you have a separate dressing room). If you listen to your needs before buying, analyze the dimensions and style of the interior and set a budget, buying a closet will be a pleasure!

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