Dried flowers ideas
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Dried flowers ideas! Check out what you can do with them!

Dried flowers are a great way to decorate your home, office or any other space. They can add to bouquets or on their own create a beautiful composition. See where to get dried flowers, how to take care of them and what to make of them!

Dried flowers – where to get them?

Dried flowers the easiest way is to simply buy. In many places – and it doesn’t have to be florists – we can find either single flowers or whole ready compositions. Another, more labor-intensive solutionis to drythe flowers self.

How to dry flowers?

There are several methods of drying flowers, but the main division is flat drying or the three-dimensional method. On flat we dry flowers with rather flat heads and delicate flowers (such as pansies or daisies). Flowers with fleshy petals and large, full heads ((for example, roses) will be suitable for drying flowers using the three-dimensional technique.

Flat drying is well-known putting flowers between the sides,but beware – you should not put flowers in a book because they can leave stains or cause wavy pages. It is much better to use a notebook for this:so put flowers, add a paper towel (dehydration) and press down with a fairly heavy weight – preferably with several heavy books. After about 2 weeks, the dried flowers will be ready.

How to dry flowers

Drying using the three-dimensional technique can be done in several ways. The simplest, and sometimes outright accidental, is to leave the flowers in a vase. Unfortunately, with this method nicely they will dry only flowers on stiff stems with a not too heavy head – others will simply fall off. There is also the so-called herbal technique that is drying flowers upside down. The only condition for an effective bouquet is to ensure air circulation. This way you can dry any flower: from rose to lavender.

Where to buy dried flowers?

Dried flowers can be bought at florist stores, garden centers and flower exchanges. An increasing number of florists also sell by mail order. The undoubted advantage of sourcing dried plants from florists is the proper way to dry and preserve them. In such stores we can get not only local flowers, but also a variety of grasses and exotic plants.

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How to protect and preserve dried flowers?

If you want to make a bouquet of dried flowers, you can arrange them in vases after drying – this is enough to make them last a long time. How to protect the remaining dried flowers? Those that you want to leave for other purposes should hide them in a box and leave them in a dark place – then they will not lose their color. Freshness will be guaranteed to the flowers by covering them with sand, borax or silica and closing them in a container.

Decorations from dried flowers

Fresh flowers look beautiful, but it’s almost impossible to have a fragrant bouquet at home all the time. Dried flowers are ideal then. However, driedi is not only a way to make a composition for a vase, but also material for many other decorations. Dried flowers can be used in many ways.

Dried flowers in frames

Dried flowers in frames are alternative to posters or paintings. You can make a collage of assorted flowers, gluing one on top of the other: then a real meadow will emerge. More minimalist will be single dried specimens: hanging three frames filled with single flowers side by side, you will create a simple yet stylish wall.

Dried flowers in frames

Bouquets in vases of dried flowers

Creating bouquets gives you a huge scope for creativity!A bouquet of dried flowers can be placed in the living room, but it will work just as well in the bedroom or even in the bathroom. Plants are now so diverse that dried flowers for the vase can be color-matched to the interior, and it is increasingly common to arrange compositions of dried flowers enriched with sprigs of holly or conifers for the holidays.

Dried flowers for candles, jewelry and DIY soaps

Dried flowers can be successfully used for other purposes than just a decorative bouquet. Use them in cosmetics as well: dried flowers added to soaps or simply flakes sprinkled into the bath will create a romantic (and aromatic) atmosphere. Dried flowers can be blended into candles – especially if you make them yourself. It’s also a great gift idea. Similar to dried flowers in jewelry, you can embed them in a locket or infuse them in a glass. It a beautiful souvenir of a walk together, a picnic, your first vacation together…

Dried flower ornament for a cake

Cake decorated with cornflowers? Or maybe sprinkled with rose petals? Dried flowers are alternatives to sweet frostings, colorful markers and sugar paste figures. They make the cake light, delicate and very stylish. In addition, it is a great satisfaction – to decorate the cake with your own dried petals!

Dried field flowers, exotic grasses or lavender…. Wall these plants, properly dried and stored, will be a beautiful alternative to natural bouquets. If you don’t have time to dry them yourself, you can supply ready-made bouquets, readily available at online stores and local florists.

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