Floor cleaning
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Floor cleaning – how do you go about it? Ways to clean quickly without streaks!

Many factors affect effective floor cleaning. Whether it’s the mop, the cleaning agent, or the very way the floor is buffed – everything matters. Learn how to take care of laminate, tile and parquet floors. Also learn about homemade, proven ways to wash the floor.

Floor cleaning from the technical side – equipment and products

Floor cleaning is associated with an unpleasant chore. To look at this activity a little more favorably, it is worth knowing what influences the effective cleaning of floors. Choosing the right mop and detergents will definitely make cleaning easier.

What kind of mop to choose?

Mop is one of the main factors affecting effective floor cleaning. So it is worth getting a good quality equipment that not only provides cleanliness but also is convenient to use. On the market you will find several popular types of mops – string mops, flat mops and steam mops. All types have their advantages. The flat mop, which works well for cleaning smooth surfaces, is characterized by convenient design. With its flat cleaning foot you’ll reach every corner and easily mop the floor even under a couch or closet. The pluses of the flat mop also include its ease of cleaning. Simply pull off the microfiber pad and throw it in the washing machine.

String mops are available in a rotary version. The rotary mop is sold with a bucket that includes a system that allows it to squeeze excess water out of the tassels. This is a big plus because it ensures faster drying of the mopped floor. Another advantage of rotary string mops is that they are great for mopping a variety of surfaces-even the less level ones.

Steam machines are modern mops that use only water to clean . Their action is based on heating the liquid and emitting steam which removes heavy plans and disinfects brilliantly. However, the steam mop represents a more expensive “toy”. Among the more costly tools is also an electric mop which has a dirt tank and continuously moistened, rotating pads.

What kind of mop to choose

Chemicals or homemade ways?

Few cleaners, so many cleaning methods. Some rely on choosing professional chemicals that are tailored to the type of floor. Others opt for homemade cleaning methods. Among the secrets of effective cleaning they include washing the floor with vinegar. Adding vinegar to water should ensure the floor shines and is streak-free. If the kitchen floor is very dirty, another homemade idea comes to the rescue. With what to degrease the floor? In this case, it will work to wash the floor with dish liquid, which contains active ingredients that dissolve grease.

Streak-free floors – high-gloss tips

Floor is not equal to floor. In most homes you’ll find panels or tiles but in some guests you’ll also find wooden parquet flooring. Learn how to wash different types of floors to preserve their original look and shine.

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Before you get down to mopping, you should vacuum or sweep the floor. Otherwise, when you scrub, dirt particles can create scratches on the panels. Streaks and stains can be eliminated by using the right products – domestic or chemical – for cleaning. Diluted vinegar or dishwashing liquid in water will remove dirt and further moisten the panels. It is also worth knowing that washing the floor with baking soda gives the panels a shiny finish. A glossy finish will also be provided by panel polish which should be spread over a dry floor.

Wood flooring

Parquet is an original decoration of the house, which must be properly cared for. What to wash the floor and how to do it so that the wood retains its properties? When washing parquet, it is important to use a small amount of liquids. Excess moisture can cause swelling and damage to the floor. To clean parquet, you should choose preparation for cleaning varnished or oiled wood (depending on your floor). Washing a wood floor with water and vinegar is not a good idea.The acidity of a household solution can destroy the chemical layer that protects the wood.

Frequent mistakes in floor cleaning


Dirty floor or wall tiles look very unsightly. How to get down to washing them?First, it is worth rinsing the tiles with water. The next step will be to scrub them with special paste, polish, liquidor domestic vinegar or soda solution. You can also take care of the cleanliness of the grout that connects the tiles at home. A solution made of water, lemon juice and classic vinegar and soda will be great for cleaning hard-to-reach grout. With such a concoction, you should spray the place and scrub it with an iron-type brush. Finish cleaning the tiles with household products by wiping the floor with clean water.

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Frequent mistakes in floor cleaning – what to avoid

Everyone has probably encountered a situation where unsightly streaks or stains were left on the floor despite strenuous scrubbing. Both the wrong product and our mistakes are responsible for ineffective floor cleaning.One of the most common gaffes is cleaning with warm water which quickly evaporates and leaves detergent particles on the floor. The residual detergent forms a film visible as streaks. To avoid an unsightly effect, it is advisable to use cold water to wash the floor.

Another mistake is using too much cleaning agent. Water with an exaggerated dose of preparation foams up strongly. This makes it difficult to rinse the mop, and ultimately creates ugly streaks on the floor. For effective floor cleaning, you should also avoid using the same water to clean the entire house. After rinsing the mop several times, the water is dirty and not suitable for further use. So it is worth replacing the contents of the bucket.

You already know what to mop the floor and how to do it efficiently. Washing the floor without streaks is doable – you just need to avoid common mistakes made during cleaning. Using professional products or domestic concoctions will keep your floors clean and looking beautiful.

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