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Are floral curtains still fashionable? Check out how to arrange an interior with floral curtains!

Floral curtains are an element that even modern interiors give atmosphere and make a room gain character. You can bet on urban jungle, a familiar rustic style or the minimalism of Scandinavia. How to arrange floral curtains!

Floral curtains – fashion accessory or kitsch?

You must know that the floral motif does not go out of fashion never. Depending on the season, the size of the flowers or the color scheme may change, but floral curtains will always be a classic among window decorations. Curtains properly matched to the style of your home and to a particular room will give it character and will not look kitschy. It is important to properly adjust the color, size of flowers and the material from which they will be made.

Intrance styles in which floral curtains will work

Although you can sneak a floral motif into almost any interior, there are some styles in which floral curtains fit especially. We have prepared a short guide to the most interesting ones.

Urban jungle style

Urban jungle, or urban jungle,is a style once considered bold and even a bit crazy. The leitmotif of this style is plants, preferably those associated with tropics, with jungle, exoticism. In addition to decorating the interiors with lots of natural plants, it is very important to add fabrics in floral patterns. Floral curtains are an excellent choice for urban jungle styling. However, remember to choose rather large exotic flowers, trimmed with leaves of monstera or fern.

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Rustic style

Italian, nature, coziness. This is probably what most people associate rustic style with. It is said to be style with soul. The furniture is most often made of wood, with a plank lying on the parquet floor. The accessories that you use in this style should be stoned. Floral curtains in a rustic style will make the interior expressive. Suitable will be those in beige, white, blue.choose fine, small flowersor large, but delicately blurred. In order not to disturb this coziness and harmony, try to avoid strong, colorful accents.

Scandinavian style

This style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and harmony but this does not mean that it is boring. When decorating your home in this trend, avoid intense, bright colors and overwhelming prints. The window arrangement should be based on curtains that add coziness to the interior and do not overshadow it. Floral curtains in Scandinavian style should not have too expressive print – ideal will be fine, dense flowers,stems and fruits in a slightly muted color. You can decorate the window with curtains in the so-called link, but remember that it should be minimalist and geometric rather than romantic.

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Glamour style

Glamour, which is exquisiteness. Crystal chandeliers, silver chandeliers, large mirrors, velour cushions – these are just some of the elements that fit into this style. The setting of the windows deserves special mention here – they are decorated with curtains, drapes, and often supported by decorative brackets. Elegance will be added to windows by floral curtains – preferably the flowers should be embossed or embroidered, ideal will be orchids or lilies. They can be in pink, violet or the ubiquitous in glamor style silver. What is important in this elegant style is the material for the floral curtains – the window setting will only be impressive if you take care of high quality fabrics.

English style

There is probably no style more perfect for incorporating floral curtains than the English style! It is elegant but at the same time cozy. Its characteristic flowers are roses romantic curtains will beautifully decorate the living room. Smaller, more idyllic and charming flowers you can use on the kitchen curtain.

What colors of floral curtains to choose?

Choose the colors that you like best. Dark interior will brighten up a floral pattern in beige orwhite, on the other hand, in a large and spacious interior you can optically reduced by adding curtains in very colorful flowers. Also think about how to combine flowered curtains with a carpet.If you have a patterned carpet, let the curtains be stoned. In rooms with a solid carpet, you can hang floral curtains in even the craziest color!

floral curtains

Interior design with floral curtains

Floral curtains will work in any room of the house.We suggest how to choose fashionable curtains for kitchen, living room and bedroom.


In many apartments, the kitchen is the heart of the house a lot happens in it. So make sure that the curtains are not only decorative, but are also practical. In the kitchen will certainly work any small flowers, romantic links, or maybe enliven it with intense color – for example,with curtains in blue flowers? Any motifs resembling flower embroidery will also decorate the kitchen. Once you’ve chosen a design, make sure your curtains are the right length. If you have a window in front of which there is a table or countertop, the curtains should not rest on the countertop, but be slightly shorter. Otherwise, they will get dirty.

The living room

Floral curtains for the living room are always a good choice. If you have more than one window in the living room, you should bet on the same floral pattern in all cases – otherwise they will clash, giving the impression of chaos. As for the length – in the living room especially beautiful will look those reaching to the ground.

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Bedroom curtains serve a function not only decorative, but also practical. While floral bedroom curtains will make the place beautiful, remember that a bedroom is first and foremost a place to relax, so it’s worth buying ones that shake the room. What type of material you choose depends only on your taste, but it is important to be able to relax in the bedroom in peace. So if you are irritated by intense colors, rather choose more subdued curtains for your bedroom. You may also be tempted to opt for a dark window frame, which, even during a nap during the day, will not let the light in.

As you can see, although floral curtains seem very characteristic, they fit many interiors. Whether you are a fan of Scandinavian simplicity, or prefer eclecticism of glamor style, floral window dressing will work perfectly. The key is to choose the size of the flowers, their type and color scheme so that they emphasize the character of the room instead of overwhelming it.

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