Furniture veneering

Furniture veneering – a quick way to give home furnishings a second youth

Furniture veneering is a great way to make old furniture still fit in with the new decor after a home renovation. With veneer, we can give older furniture a new shine. Find out how easily you can change them!

Furniture veneering – a fast and inexpensive way to renovate

Changing the look of an apartment is usually associated with large costs. Often construction work and the necessary materials consume a significant portion of the renovation budget. This is especially true in the case of renovation of entire houses or apartments, as well as during total change of interior design. Then there is a lack of money to buy new furnishings. What can you do if you’re bored with the furniture you have at home, but don’t necessarily want to replace it with new furniture?

A way to change the look of old furniture to wrap it. This does not require a lot of financial resources and can completely transform them. The advantage of this solution is also short execution time. Covering them with the intended veneer is a quick way to renovate and renew furniture.

The cost of buying veneer is not much, and in the offer of home improvement stores you will find ones that imitate wood or stone. You can also opt for patterned or with a mirror or blackboard effect. The latter are not much more expensive, but give more interesting effects.

wood veneer

Buy furniture veneer – the choice is really wide

Browsing through the offers of home improvement stores, you may come across a great selection of various furniture veneers. There you will find a wide cross-section of colors of smooth films. Also appearing in the assortment are veneers imitating the pattern of wood and those that resemble stone.

If, on the other hand, you want your furniture not classic colors and patterns then you can easily find veneers in flower, geometric or animal patterns. Often you can find ones that have imprinted photos and can even serve as a blackboard or mirror.If you’re looking for a wrap for a child’s room, you can also easily find one with fairytale motifs.

In stores you may also come across fornery. This material is definitely more durable than the PVC film from which veneers are usually made. It is formed from sheets of wood of small thickness. They are usually several millimeters thick. Veneer will work great if you want Your furniture to look wooden.

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Furniture veneer – the perfect way to use worn-out material, home renovation and more

Furniture veneer can be used in many situations. It is applicable both when renovating an apartment and when the furniture gets damaged or is scratched by a child. It will also work well for restoring furniture that can be found, for example, at the antique market.

Renovating veneer allows changing the style of the furniture with a small budget and quickly match it to the new room arrangement. It also happens that the furniture gets damaged, such as scratches or stains. Veneer can then prove to be very helpful in covering them.

Furniture veneer, especially that patterned or with a blackboard effect, can find application in children’s room. If your child loves to create masterpieces on furniture, bet on board veneer which will allow him to draw on them. On the other hand, if you are a parent of a teenager, and the drawings on the furniture are remnants of his childhood years, with the help of veneer you can cover them and adjust the furniture to your child’s current preferences.

Frequently at the antique market does the in an antique store you can find furniture with unique shapes, but not always matching in color to the interior. And this is where veneer comes to the rescue. At a small cost you can renovate an old piece of furniture and create something even more unique.

Furniture wrapping

Furniture wrapping – how much does it cost?

As already mentioned, furniture wrapping is not expensive. If you decide to work independently, the cost of such a solution is even less. It all depends on what kind of film for wrapping furniture you decide and how much you will need.

If you bet on ordinary PVC film, the cost of such a solution will be much cheaper than if you decide to use veneer. PVC veneer you can find even at a price up to $3 per roll. The cheapest fornir, on the other hand, you can buy for about $6-8.

If you want Your furniture to be wrapped professionally or you are afraid that you will make mistakes when taping, bet on a professional. Outsourcing furniture veneering to someone can also be a good idea if you have lots of furniture, or you decide on a veneer with a difficult design. Prices for this service vary and often depend on the material chosen or the amount of furniture and its shape.

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Wrapping furniture yourself – it’s easy!

Wrapping furniture is not difficult, on the contrary – it is quite easy and will save you money. Just remember a few things that will easily change the look of your furniture.

Before wrapping, remember to properly prepare the furniture. One of the most important elements is decreasing the surface you will glue. You also need to remember that the furniture must be free of cavities. This will allow the film to stick properly and improve its durability.

Trim the film, using a knife for this. If, on the other hand, there are air bubbles after the wrapping is completed, use a needle or pin to pierce them. You may also find it helpful to use a hair dryer to help you get rid of film imperfections after targeting them.

Furniture wrapping gives objects a second life. With veneer, you can completely transform them, and the budget you will use to do so will be small. Jest is a topic worth looking into, especially when you can’t afford new furniture but also if the old ones serve you well, and you want to bring some freshness to your interior.

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