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How to decorate a gaming room? Decorate a gamer’s room

A gaming room is like a gaming character’s home base. The gamer, just like the characters of his favorite productions, must have a place to which he will return from all his virtual voyages. So how to decorate a gamer’s room well?

Gaming room, or what kind of room? What is a gamer’s room?

A gamer’s room is a place that stands out from other roomsaslike a legendary item among the commoners. Crossing the threshold simultaneously takes us into the world of leveling, camming, combos and loot. Of course, the most important object we find in it is the computer station. However, in addition to a portal to the gaming world, a gamer’s room usually also acts as a gaming temple. Instead of statues of deities or ornaments, we will find there figures of favorite heroes, posters and collector’s editions of the most important productions. The only thing missing is an NPC who, with an exclamation mark over his head, will hand us some quest. Superfluous cutscenes aside; the player’s room is a place where you can disappear for hours on end, and the passion for computer games beams from every corner!

What to keep in mind when arranging a gamer’s room?

The design of a gamer’s room should be planned with its functionality in mind first and foremost. It should be remembered that its main task is to allow comfortable gaming for a few hours. The comfort of traversing virtual worlds is affected by such factors as the distance from the monitor or even the size of the room. The optimum distance between the seat and the display, depending on the resolution of the device, can be up to 344 cm! Moreover, for gamers who like to move to virtual reality thanks to VR goggles, you should prepare at least 4 m2 of free space.

Before starting any renovation work, you should gather a team and take a turn to thoroughly plan out the activities. It is important to design the room according to ergonomic principles. Even the smallest details can affect the eventual success or failure of a mission.Particular attention should be paid to lighting. Light, whether natural or artificial, should never fall directly on the monitor screen. A gaming wall made of dampening foam can also be a good addition. Thanks to it, most of the sounds of hardcore gaming will not go beyond the threshold of the room. Moreover, in a gaming room every surface should be used. All bevels and alcoves can be used as a place for shelves for accessories or a collection of game boxes. A gaming room in the attic is a great idea precisely because of the large number of fairly unshaped built-in spaces. Experiences from Minecraft, or House Flipper can come in very handy when designing! Inspiration for a gamer’s room is worth looking for on Instagram. When arranging a room, it is necessary to exercise moderation. The Internet has recently been flooded with photos of a gaming… bed. Many profiles share photos of dream setups, but remember that the best gaming room is arranged according to the preferences of its future resident.

decorate a gaming room

Gamer room – what can’t be missing?

Among the things for a gamer’s room, there are several elements without which its successful arrangement is like playing Uncharted on Xbox – just impossible! Here are some of the key ingredients to create a gaming room worthy of a hardcore gamer.

Gaming desk

The desk is by far the most important piece of furniture in a gamer’s entire room which is why its selection sometimes resembles a battle with the final boss. Just like in games, you must prepare well for this clash. Remember that the phrase “gaming” was not used here by accident. The furniture is significantly different from a standard desk. It is distinguished primarily by its design – the wide top is set on two height-adjustable legs.

An important part of the table is the cable grommets through which you will run all the wires. The furniture usually comes with various add-ons designed with gamersin mind – drink holders, headphones or led strips. As a gamer, you need to find a desk ideally suited to your needs.

Gaming chair

The second in the hierarchy of furniture that a gamer’s dream room must be equipped with is a gaming chair. An ill-fitting seat negatively affects the statistics of its users. Problems that make themselves known only after leaving the computer, for example, are back pain(-5 to comfortable sleep), legs(-10 to speed)and hands (-3 to dexterity). The design of the gaming chair effectively protects players from excessive strain on the spine and joints.

Unlike regular office chairs, the construction of a gaming chair supports the back and neck, the parts of the body that are used most when playing games on a computer or console. They achieve this effect by distributing cushions that force proper posture in the sitter. In addition, the gaming chair provides gamers with more freedom in terms of adjustment. You can easily change the height and angle of such elements as the backrest, armrests and seat. Besides, a good gaming chair is usually waterproof and has some integrated pockets. What’s more, the look of the furniture can be fully personalized. Planning to paint the walls gray? An armchair with inserts in the same color will fit perfectly.

Gaming chair

Gaming accessories

Since the main task of choosing a desk and an armchair is behind us, let’s focus on side quests. A gaming room should contain quite a few accessories to make every gamer’s life easier. This topic should be of particular interest to console owners. Console players, just like the most powerful magicians, need to have a certain attribute in order to use their skills. This is, of course, the wand, which in their case is, of course, the gamepad. However, even the best wizard becomes useless when he runs out of mana, or, as in our case, his controller discharges. The solution to this problem are docking stations, which will quickly renew the energy of the pads.

For simulator lovers there will also be some interesting gadgets. We all know how much immersion is important in this genre. For full immersion in the role of a driver or pilot, you can consider buying a steering wheel/joystick set with a stand. There is also a premium option, which is realistically reproduced cockpit. With it, you will be fully transported into the world of your favorite simulator!

What accessories and accessories for the gamer’s room?

Mouse and keyboard

Inherent companions of computer battles andan absolutely essential set for any PC gamer. Gamers should primarily be interested in mechanical keyboards. Each key is equipped with a separate switch. There are different types of switches available on the market, which differ when a click is registered. A higher click activation point increases responsiveness and reduces response time. This solution comes in handy especially in multiplayer games such as CS: GO, where a fraction of a second can determine the outcome of a clash. A keyboard for gamers should also have several other features such as RGB backlighting, creation of separate profiles or freely programmable buttons.

A gaming mouse is like an RPG hero’s sword – it must be well fitted to the player’s hand. Gaming mice can be heavier or lighter, but both must have an extremely accurate sensor. For full personalization of the mouse, programmable buttons will also come in handy. With one click you will be able to quickly change weapons, upgrade skills or even open a chat. A gamer mouse is usually distinguished by its futuristic design and RGB backlighting. A common solution is to add weights to the rodent, which can be pulled out depending on your preference.


Gamepads are attributed to console gamers by default, but often they are also useful for PC gaming enthusiasts. Some game genres, such as sports games and brawlers, for example, are adapted to be controlled by a controller. The keyboard seems in such cases quite unintuitive and not very comfortable to use. Pads also do well with most AAA games, which are most often released on multiple platforms. A good controller is distinguished primarily by comfortable design for the hand.

Another type of controller is the aforementioned VR goggles. Virtual reality technology is becoming more popular every year. More and more serious developers are releasing productions created strictly under virtual reality. One such game, for example, is Valve’s latest production Half Life: Alyx. To have fun with virtual reality, the player should have plenty of free space to use.

Headphones for gamers

Every gamer Escape from Tarkov, CS: GO, or horror fan knowshow important sound is in games. The type of headphones should be matched to the genres of games you play most often. If you mostly play shooters or horror games, be sure to choose an audio system that provides good treble quality. They are responsible for the sound of enemy shots or footsteps of an approaching mastermind. On the other hand, if you like action or racing games, equip yourself with headphones with good bass and bass tones. This is the frequency at which engine sounds or special effects are played.

It’s also worth thinking about what headphone design will work best for you. In this regard, in-ear headphones are divided into 3 types: closed, open and semi-open. Closed design well isolates the player from external stimuli, so you can fully move into the world of gaming. This type of headphone design can tire the ears with prolonged use due to poor airflow. The second design is the complete opposite of the previous type. Open headphones feature a lot of freedom of use and good ear ventilation. Unfortunately, they do not isolate the player from ambient noise in any way, plus the sound emitted is audible to people nearby. The third type of headphones is a combination of the two mentioned. The semi-open design does a pretty good job of both isolating from the environment and ventilating the ears.

Headphones for gamers

Gaming speakers

Gaming doesn’t have to be limited to headphones. Epic clashes usually go hand in hand with sublime music. A good surround system will only enhance the wow effect. However, one should measure deeds against intentions and select an audio system that fits the size of the gaming room. The smallest system will fit comfortably on a gamer’s desk. It consists of only two speakers.This system can be upgraded with a subwoofer that focuses exclusively on bass and other bass reproduction. Another system contains as many as five speakers. Three front and two rear emitters make the sound much more spacious. Gunshots, shouts and music are spread out over the individual speakers, surrounding the player. This system can be expanded with two more devices,which will deepen the 3D effect.


Gaming room is usually young people’s room, hence we will usually encounter various kinds of posters in it. Covers of favorite productions or their concept graphics often land on the walls framed in antiframes. Also personalized posters with the gamer’s name or beloved character are becoming quite popular. Such gaming decorations make immediately upon entering the room we are transported to the land of virtual adventures.

LED lighting

Colorful ARGB and RGB LED lights are instantly associated with gaming the way an emerald crystal is associated with the The Sims series. Gaming rooms usually are styled under one specific color. In addition to the aforementioned tapes with lights to buy, it is also possible to buy wall panels, which you mount easily.The more LEDs, the better the effect. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the cost of maintaining such lighting – LEDs are much more energy efficient than ordinary incandescent bulbs! LED lighting can also be used in the equipment itself. Gamers have not been familiar with cases, keyboards or mice with built-in lighting. What’s more, LEDs can be installed in the components themselves. Remember to check whether your devices are compatible with the add-ons before modifying them. You can combine the hue emanating from the bulb tape with the shade of your equipment’s backlight.


An indispensable part of a gamer’s dream room are figures of characters from favorite productions. Leading the way in this category are products from Funko. In addition to game characters, the company also produces many statues of characters from movies and TV series such as Rick and Morty. The most desirable figurines are those from limited collector’s editions. Their price, however, can sometimes knock you off your feet. The statue of Alduin – the main boss from the game Skyrim, which was added as a freebie to the special edition of the production, costs more than $220 today.If you intend to start collecting figurines, prepare yourself and your wallet for quite a frenzy.

Storage shelves

The player has limited inventory space in his room, like some game characters. In order to enlarge them, you need to get shelves on which to set your loot. Various types of shelves for gaming items are the answer to the question: “how to decorate a gamer’s room?”. A good arrangement of the shelves at the gaming desk will allow to place all the game boxes on them. Such a view is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also gives easy access to any production. The aforementioned figures and collectibles will also look worthy on the shelves. To keep the room in one style, the cabinets can be decorated with LED strips.

What to choose – a PC or a laptop

What to choose – a PC or a laptop?

Computer gamers have long struggled with the dilemma -to choose a PC or a laptop? Both options have their pros and cons. Desktop computers are much easier to upgrade or possibly repair. In addition, assembling the equipment yourself, you can manage the budget allocated for the components at will.Building a computer, you should always check that all the parts fit together. A monitor with 720p resolution will not support 4K Full HD graphics. On the other hand, due to the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies,it is getting harder and harder to find a good graphics card at an optimal price.

Laptopsare also prevailing in terms of mobility. Transporting a PC can be quite problematic – after all, we have to take the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and the computer itself, usually much heavier than a laptop. The best gaming laptops can easily enjoy the highest graphics settings in any recent production. However, along with the power comes a rather substantial cost. Remember that in a gamer’s laptop the most important thing is a dedicated graphics card. Integrated components will never achieve similar results. It is also worth investing in a large SSD.The system will run much more efficiently on it than on a regular HDD.

Console for the gamer’s room

In the history of gaming, there have always been two camps – console gamers and PC supporters. Today, we increasingly see gamers owning both platforms. The console in a gamer’s room acts not only as a gaming system, but also as a media center. A TV hung opposite the bed is a great option for late-night gamers. Let him be the first to throw a spell who has not spent a few hours after sundown playing the latest release.

Compared to desktop computers with similar computing power consoles are much cheaper. Beyond that new generations of consoles come out about every six or seven years.Much more often, PC components are changed or gaming laptops are replaced. PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch will also work better as entertainment for the whole family or friends. Just buy controllers so everyone can play together. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, some game genres are designed for gamepad users. If you are one of the many followers of virtual sports, brawling or racing, a console will be for you a more suitable hardware.

What kind of streaming equipment?

Gamers often combine their passion with a full-time job. This is made possible by streaming. At this point the question arises – what equipment is needed to broadcast your game? Everything depends on the platform on which you play. Consoles usually have integrated software for sharing video. As for computers, you need to download the appropriate program first. In addition, it is a good idea to equip yourself with a high-quality webcam. Streamers with camera images usually have a much larger audience. Of course, it is also worth investing in a good microphone. High-quality equipment will help you quickly get a wider audience.

An interesting device is the so-called stream deck. The hardware will allow with one click completely change the look of the broadcast. Scene changes, music playback, or audio muting are just a few of the programmable features. Decks can usually be fully personalized. The hardware is compatible with the largest streaming services – YouTube and

The gamer’s room is likeBatman’s cave.A world full of technology, pulled straight from a video game. If you’ve ever wanted to get away from reality for a while, then the gaming room is just what you’ve been looking for.

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