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We select glass panels and suggest what to look for when choosing!

Glass panels are an idea for a stylish and modern addition to your interior. In addition to their decorative function, they also serve a protective function. They work great in the kitchen and bathroom, but not only. What is the best choice? We help with the choice!

Glass panels – brief characteristics

Glass panels are most often made of tempered glass, but you will also find some on sale that are not tempered. If you want this accessory to stay in your interior for a long time and you care about its durability, bet on the first type. These made of tempered glass are definitely more resistant to all factors both mechanical and thermal. It is also a material that is very easy to clean, as you can do it with ordinary glass cleaner.

In stores you can find both plain glass panels and those that have imprinted pictures or graphics. Often manufacturers also give the opportunity to choose the design of the panels themselves.

Where are glass panels used?

Glass panels will look good in virtually any room. A wide selection of designs and sizes allows them to fit into a large number of arrangements. You can use them as wall protection in your kitchen or bathroom, but also create with them glass paintings which will be a modern decoration in the living room or bedroom.

Glass panels for the kitchen – what can they look like?

Glass panels in the kitchen can be an element that adds character to the interior. They are most often seen in modern kitchens. They are often chosen as a replacement for traditional tiles because they provide very good protection from any dirt and damage.

Deciding on glass panels for the kitchen, you can choose in many designs and colors. Both those with3D motifs as well as smooth imitating marble or other stones will work great there.

Glass panels for the kitchen

How do glass panels for the bathroom look like?

Glass panels through their properties will work well as a replacement of tiles in the bathroom. They will also look stylish in combination with them. The panels can be installed even in areas where they are exposed to water, such as the shower or around the sink. They also allow to optically enlarge the bathroom by choosing a spatial print.

The choice of glass panels for the bathroom is great and which one you decide on depends on the effect you want to achieve. Wanting to create a relaxation zone,you can opt for panels with natural motifs, while if you’re a minimalist, smooth smooth will work great.

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How to glue glass panels? Can you do it yourself?

Before buying carefully measure the dimensions,remembering any openings, for example, for outlets. Betting on panels, you do not need adequate preparation of the walls, it is important first of all that the wall is adequately dry. You can use them both on a wall with minor irregularities, and even cover with them your old tiles.

You can install the glass panels with appropriate spacer screws. This method gives you the opportunity to cover elements that you do not want to be visible. An example of this is pipes. Jest is also a method that allows you to mount lighting under the panels. Mounting on profiles, on the other hand, allows you to easily remove the panels in case of failure.

Another way of installation is to fix the panels with special glue which allows you to compensate for minor wall irregularities. This is quite a simple way, used most often. However, when deciding on such an installation, you must remember to siliconize the gaps.

The method of installing the panels with glue is good if you want to do it alone. However, if you decide to install the panels on screws or in profiles, it is worthwhile to have this work done by professionals.

Glass panels are a great way to add a modern touch to your interior that will look good for a long time.A wide selection of patterns, colors and motifs will also allow you to add an unique character to your rooms.

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