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Graphite color in interiors – what does graphite go with, how to decorate an apartment in shades of graphite? Tips and inspiration

The graphite color is perfect for modern interiors, especially if you want to give them a distinctive character. Practical and versatile, it will work not only in utilitarian spaces, but also where you need peace and privacy.

Graphite color – what color is it exactly? All about dark gray

Graphite is a distinctive shade of deep gray, acting as a kind of bridge between standard gray and black. Inspired by the mineral used in pencils – graphite which is an allotropic variety of carbon, like, for example, diamond.

It will work perfectly in large rooms, both as a compositional leitmotif and as a casual color accent. In the former case, it is worth exercising caution, due to the ease with which you can overdo it when arranging graphite interiors – covering all the walls with this color, for example, will optically shrink the room and give it a gloomy mood. Note that it is not the same color as anthracite, contrary to the common use of these names interchangeably. Graphite is, in fact, a warmer and lighter color than anthracite, which on color palettes and samplers stands right next to black.

Graphite color in interiors

Graphite color in interiors – to what colors will it match?

The proper layout of interiors using graphite color, due to its versatile application,will not be complicated for aspiring decorators. Graphite will certainly work well in the accompaniment of cool, earthy colors, as well as with contrasting, warm shades of sunny skies – such a solution should appeal to lovers of spaces in eclectic, Art Nouveau or boho climates.

A good way to expose graphite is also to pair it with a pastel arrangement – delicate blues, pinks or greens will perfectly complement the apparent conventionality of gray. The potential of graphite lacquered furniture can also be used by matching it with natural materials – furnishings and accessories finished in metal, glass or wood will give the space an elegant, minimalist style.

Graphite walls and floors – some tips

Graphite as a shade reigns supreme in spacious interiors, decorated with an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism. What in the event that the room in which you dream of using this color is not one of the largest? Finishing one surface in this way, contrasted by, for example, the broken white of the other walls, optically enlarges the room and works well in classic and art nouveau styles.

Are you looking to furnish a room in a raw industrial style? Graphite facade stone laid on a single wall of the room brings to mind New York lofts – just in time for admirers of thrifty yet functional interiors. In turn, dark gray graphite flooring will go well, both with walls of a similar, but for balance much lighter color, and with extravagant, intensely colored wallpaper. The latter solution especially looks good in the company of graphite marble.

Graphite furniture and accessories – how not to overdo it with dark gray?

The most common mistake when arranging graphite interiors is overexposure -the desire to achieve a moody atmosphere can result in a room that is too dark, the styling of which will affect the mood of the household members. Even if striving for a dreamy, melancholic atmosphere is the decorator’s goal, he should keep in mind a number of factors -the balance of light (especially in rooms full of details) or attention to the quality of vision.

Graphite floors

A great idea would be to break up graphite furniture with contrasting accessories-turquoise pillows, decorations in lighter shades of navy blue or orange ornaments. Carpet graphite will look good on light and wooden floors, such as sonoma type. On the other hand, soft fabrics in flashy colors, such as fuchsia or transparent mint will make the room more cozy.

Graphite color in living room, kitchen and bedroom – inspirations

Below we have collected sample styling using the best features of graphite compositions. Although the use of this color in the character of interiors may seem a task for the brave, the photos perfectly show that this is where the world belongs.

The living room proposal in this rendition charms with its timeliness to trends and sophisticated, yet by no means overwhelming style.

Graphite in this kitchen perfectly harmonize with wood, light finish countertops and furniture giving the whole an extremely practical dimension.

Elegant and cozy bedroom encourages relaxation thanks to the use of natural materials and classic decorative solutions.

A well-thought-out composition that takes into account the color graphite, does not have to overwhelm with solemnity and grayness at all.The color of granite is perfect for both elegant and modern commercial spaces, as well as family cozy interiors – and you,what ideas do you have for this color?

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