How to get rid of silverfish
Tips and tricks

How to get rid of silverfish! We present both home remedies and actions with chemicals!

How to get rid of silverfish? These insects are part of the uninvited guests in both new and old buildings. They live in bathrooms, kitchens, closets – anywhere warm, dark and damp. What should you do if you notice their presence?

What are silverfish and what do they look like?

Saccharine fish (Lepisma saccharina) is a small wingless insect, covered with distinctive silver scales (hence its common name – silverfish). It reaches a length of 13-25 mm. Sugar rays have long feelers and three bristles at the end of the abdomen. They move in a fast, zigzag motion, so their appearance may be associated with small fish.

How to get rid of silverfish? Home Safe Ways

No bugs in bathrooms are welcome – including silverfish. If they already appear, it’s not worth ignoring them – they live for up to 8 years (even without food they survive for about a year!) and lay eggs from which more insects hatch.

So how to get rid of silverfish from the bathroom, kitchen cabinets or closet? For starters, try using homemade, natural remedies.

  • Care for good ventilation. Ventilate the bathroom after bathing, insert a moisture absorber, and clean the vents regularly.
  • Patch (e.g. silicone) all the holes through which the roaches can enter.
  • Maintain clean floors. Regularly remove food scraps and dead insects and carry out trash. Also clean under cabinets. If you can, opt for an undermount toilet bowl and sink.
  • Apply strong aromas that silverfish dislike. These include citrus, rosemary. cinnamon, lavender, cloves. You can buy a scented candle or an aromatherapy fireplace, or you can sprinkle oil on cotton pads and place them in various nooks and crannies of the bathroom, kitchen and closet.
  • Make a trap for silverfish. There are several such traps. a jar taped on the outside with a rough patch with sugar inside (the silverfish will enter to eat, but will not climb over the smooth surface of the glass), wet newspapers rolled up and left overnight (first thing in the morning, they need to be thrown away or burned), orcardboard smeared with honey.

How to get rid of silverfish using chemistry?

If essential oils, traps and other home remedies fail, turn to “chemical weapons.” How to combat silverfish with chemicals?You can use for this purpose:

  • boric acid – this chemical damages the carapace of silverfish and is poisonous to them, but be careful with it if you have pets and small children at home,
  • universal insecticides and ready-made traps – they work on a variety of household pests, including silverfish,
  • moth remedies, such as. scented sachets – their aroma also repels the roaches.

Are sugar roaches dangerous to us?

Sugar silverfish are not dangerous to humans, although they can do some harm. Because they feed on sugar, they contaminate food (such as bags of sugar, flour or rice). They can also damage wool and leather products as well as books and documents(the cellulose from which they are made is also sugar).

Although bathroom fish don’t bite and don’t transmit diseases, it’s unlikely anyone wants to live with them. How to get rid of silverfish from your home? Often ventilate rooms, don’t leave food leftovers and use strong scents. Cleanliness, cold and light – this is the best way to get rid of silverfish!

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