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How to decorate a kitchen in Scandinavian style? All about Scandinavian style in the kitchen – guide and inspiration

The Scandinavian style kitchen has stolen the heart of many Internet users. It is a modern, functional and cozy space that inspires. What furniture and accessories to choose? What can not be missing? Find out how to decorate a Scandinavian kitchen in a block and a house.

Scandinavian style kitchen, that is, what kind of kitchen? Basic elements of Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style in the kitchen is aesthetics, minimalism and practicality. All the virtues of such a room arrangement are the result of thoughtful interior design, and the accessories are practical accessories used on a daily basis. The main idea is to optically enlarge the space through light colors and simple furniture. An important element is lighting. Scandinavians use artificial light throughout the year, as little sunlight prevails outside the windows. In a Northern-inspired kitchen, it is worth betting on point lamps that further complement the decor.

Preferably, Scandinavian-style kitchen furniture should be made of wood which will make the space more cozy. Scandinavian kitchens rarely use hanging cabinets, as the decor is meant to be minimalist, but their presence will work well in small rooms. Bright and cool tones will be perfectly broken by contrasting accessories in black.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen – it can’t be missing in your kitchen

Woodis the basic element of Scandinavian style kitchen design. It can appear both on the floor and furniture tops and accessories. If you want to redesign your kitchen and match the color scheme with the furnishings you already have in your home, and there are no wooden accents, bet on brick motif. You can use wallpaper with such a pattern or wall tiles in the space above the countertops, which will give the interior a more industrial character.

Lighting is extremely important in a Scandinavian kitchen. Opt for modern pendant lamps and point lighting over countertops,which will provide you with the perfect conditions for kitchen work. When choosing household appliances, rely on metallic finishes and keep small accessories tucked away in cabinets whenever possible so that order always reigns.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen

Scandinavian style in the kitchen – color scheme

White Scandinavian style kitchen is the obvious and right choice. Start designing the space by choosing the color of the walls. An interior in light tones will seem larger and neater. You can bet on snow white, as well as shades of gray and beige. In some proposals for arrangements straight from the homes of Scandinavians, bright colors are broken with contrasting blue or black. It is important that the space in a darker color does not dominate the entire room, but is only an enhancement of natural tones. Such a solution will work best in large spaces and when combining a Scandinavian-style kitchen and living room. It is important that the walls are smooth and the paint has a matte finish.

Timber combines perfectly with white and enhances the design of a Scandinavian-style kitchen. The best choice will be one with a naturally light color such as birch or beech. You can also add variety to the decor by lining a section of the wall with tiles in a black and white checkerboard pattern.

Scandinavian style kitchen furniture

Scandinavian style kitchen furniture should feature a simple form. Choose a smooth front or decorated with minimalist milling. The white color scheme is most suitable, and the finish is a matter of taste – both matte and glossy surfaces look good. Adjust the layout of the kitchenette to the dimensions of the room. In a small Scandinavian kitchen, an L-shaped built-in will work better. If you have a large space, you can arrange the equipment in one row and an additional island in the center which will provide you with a practical working space.

Furniture does not have to be made of wood, although painted whitelooks extremely original. Less expensive is furniture made of chipboard or laminated MDF, which imitate the raw material in appearance and will save you money. A modern touch for Scandinavian-style kitchens is stone countertop in cool shades adding character to the whole arrangement.

White Scandinavian-style kitchen

White walls and white furniture is the most common Scandinavian-inspired kitchen arrangement. This combination is timeless, and such a color combination illuminates the interior and makes the space look bigger. When designing a white kitchen, it is a good idea to use contrasting colors when decorating. It fits well wood but also accessories in black, graphite and copper.

White Scandinavian-style kitchen

The wall above the kitchen countertop will be complemented by tiles. Tiles resembling bare tiles in white color have become very popular. You can also develop this space with a delicately textured wallpaper. Complete the look with fresh herbs or flowers and striking lamps in a contrasting color.

Gray kitchen in Scandinavian style

One of the reigning trends in interior design magazines today is gray kitchen in Scandinavian style. Projects use accessories in this shade and interiors completely painted in gray. It is important to use bright shades that will harmonize with the other elements and not disturb the harmony.

Gray kitchen design will go well with brick motif on the wall. The placement of a red-brick wallpaper will enliven the room, while a touch of modernity will be added by metal pendant lamps in black. You will warm up the space in cool tones by selecting fluorescent lamps with warm tones.

Furniture can remain whiteor in delicate gray tones. The whole will emphasize the furnishings in metallic or wooden color. The use of wood, for example in the form of kitchen utensils will help make the kitchen more cozy.

Small Scandinavian-style kitchen in a block of flats

Functional arrangement of a small room is quite a challenge not only for an interior designer, but there is a way to thoughtfully arrange a small Scandinavian-style kitchen. White color scheme will optically enlarge any combination, so the use of these colors is the basis for arrangement of apartments in a block of flats.

The next step is determining the area for built-in space. In a small kitchen, forgo a table and an island and choose a kitchenette with a wide countertop. Place the equipment in a line under the countertop, selecting the necessary household appliances. You can also bet on a U-shaped or L-shaped cabinet providing space for preparing and eating meals. Just add tall, wooden stools that fit the Scandinavian climate, and you will transform this surface into a practical table.

Small Scandinavian-style kitchen

Scandinavian-style kitchen accessories

What to complement the Scandinavian-style kitchen decor with? The interior can not lack natural accents, so cloths made of linen or cotton will perfectly fit into the composition. Clean and orderly space counts, so you can store spices and loose food products, such as sugar, in decorative containers. Those made of glass or wood will work, as well as metal cans in light shades.

Accessories play a big role – think about buying a stylized breadbox as well as cupcakes. Baskets for vegetables and fruits look good, and an interesting element is hangers for kitchen accessories-also color-matched to the decor. If you choose wooden accessories, try not to disturb the harmony by buying accessories of a different color. Liven up the interior with potted flowers or fresh herbs to which you can match made of natural materials pot covers.

Kitchen combined with living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style living room and kitchen is a great option for homes with large spaces. Such an interior should include a comfortable space for all members of the household – a dining room, a relaxation area and a place to prepare food. You can separate the kitchen area from the living room with a island which will provide you with additional storage space for pots and pans. Opt for a bright color scheme for the walls typical of Scandinavian style, although you can distinguish different parts of the room with colors. The white color of the kitchen will go well with pastel colors and contrasting grays.

Furnishings must not be casual. The dining room should include a solid table made of wood. The whole will be complemented by chairs of simple designs to which you can attach decorative cushions in one of the leading colors. A comfortable sofa covered with natural fabric, an armchair and a hairy rug will provide a pleasant atmosphere. Lighting plays an important role. Choose pendant lamps with warm colors and shades made of natural materials, such as wicker, and a pleasant atmosphere will prevail. You can additionally set standing lamps which will provide an additional source of light.

Kitchen combined with living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style kitchen – arrangements and inspiration

Can’t decide which decor best suits your dream kitchen? Consider whether you prefer cool and modern interiors or maybe family ones with a cozy atmosphere. Scandinavian style allows you to decorate both industrial and trendy kitchen with a natural atmosphere. Look for inspiration on the Internet. We have found some design ideas for you!

If you want to add expression to your kitchen, bet on a wallpaper with a brick motifor tiles that imitate it. Such an accent adds charm and enlivens the space.

The kitchen with the living room will be made more distinct by handmade lamp shades or woven carpet. The predominance of white makes the interior look spacious and neat.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen in gray for lovers of minimalism. Graphic wallpaper ties together the various elements of the composition, and warmth to the whole decor is added by a wooden countertop.

The Scandinavian-style kitchen is a simple solution for any budget. Think of accessories that will give a Northern European flair to your kitchen!

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