Doing laundry at home - what should you follow
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Doing laundry at home – what should you follow?

The laundry room at home is an increasingly popular solution lately. This is determined primarily by its functionality – it facilitates daily chores, and the absence of a washing machine in the bathroom provides household members with peace of mind while bathing. How to arrange such a room?

Separate laundry room – benefits

Creating a personal laundry room at home allows improved organization.Thanks to the additional room, you gain a space dedicated exclusively to laundry, without interfering with the bathroom. Such a solution significantly eases daily chores and makes keeping things in order much more pleasant.

The placement of the laundry and drying room in the house allows free arrangement of the bathroom.In its interior you can then place a larger bathtub which will guarantee you relaxation after a hard day. You will also get rid of the basket for dirty laundry, detergents and dryer, disrupting the decor of the rooms.

Small rooms in particular will benefit from a separate laundry room – they will become more spacious and functional and staying in them will be more comfortable. Carving out extra space is also important for large families. A washing machine placed in a separate room will guarantee the household members peaceful use of the bathroom.

Where to place the laundry room in a detached house?

To make the laundry room in a single-family home as functional as possible, it is worth placing it near the bedroom, closet and bathroom. This will efficiently carry dirty clothes to a dedicated room and avoid walking with them all over the apartment.

In some arrangements you can find a common utility room, dedicated to the laundry room and boiler room.This solution works especially well on a small space. If you have a small space, you may be tempted to make this combination. Remember then about adequate ventilation which will protect clothes from unpleasant odors from the stove.

Where else can you create a laundry room at home? One idea is the basement.Regularly carrying and carrying clothes up and down the stairs, however, can be a nuisance. What’s more, rooms located on lower floors are often cooled, and this in turn makes it difficult to dry clothes.If you decide to do this, make sure that the room is properly insulated and ventilated.

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How big should the laundry room be?

Spacious rooms allow for better organization and provide freedom of movement. The laundry room in the house must include washing machine, hanger system for drying clothes and basket for dirty clothes. A room with basic dimensions should therefore have a min. 4 m2.

When you care above all about comfort, consider carving out more space. Rooms enriched with an ironing board, dryer and additional cabinet for detergents must be at least 6 m2. Modern and richly furnished rooms often exceed this limit, and their square footage reaches up to 10-12 m2.

Important equipment for the laundry room at home – what you need to keep in mind?

To make your laundry room and dryer at home functional, you need to ensure that it is properly equipped. What should be in it besides washing machine and dryer?In small spaces, you may also want to consider buying a multifunctional appliance to save precious meters.What else should you keep in mind?


The laundry room must contain washing agents.This category includes powders and capsules, as well as rinses and stain removers. It is also worth stocking up on washing machine care products.


A necessary element of a modern laundry room in the house are organizers.They make it easier to segregate clothes, and additionally increase the visual value of the room. Put in the room containers for clean and dirty clothes,and if you have more space – add additional compartments for colored, dark and light articles. Thus you will gain a better organized space and speed up your work.

Organizers can be useful not only for clothes, but also for all accessories and preparations present in the home laundry. Modern rooms are often equipped with such gadgets as a steam cleaner. In the containers prepared in advance, you can place tips for the aforementioned devices, a container for filling with water or ordinary clothespins.

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Washing involves moisture, and this in turn can cause a lot of damage. To protect against them, the room must be equipped with a ventilation system. Its absence results in mold on the walls, unpleasant odors and damage to wooden furniture, among other things.

Mandatory equipment is therefore a ventilation grille and an opening in the door.It is best for a room to have at least one window. Regular ventilation of the room makes it easier to get rid of excess moisture. When washing and drying is done particularly often (for example, in large families), you may want to consider buying an additional evaporating device.

The flooring in the laundry room – how to choose?

In a home laundry room tiles will work perfectly. They are resistant to moisture, stand up well and are difficult to scratch. If you care primarily about durability, you can opt for stoneware.On the other hand, less demanding users will certainly settle for classic terracotta.Floors come in numerous patterns and colors, so you can easily find a model that matches your modern interior.

Most laundry rooms have relatively small dimensions. Therefore, it is worth betting on the floor in light shades, which will optically enlarge the room and give it an elegant character.

Fashionable ideas for arranging the laundry room

What kind of walls in the laundry room will work best?

The most preferred material for walls in the laundry room is stoneware.Glaze is also popular. Both of these materials are distinguished by their resistance to moisture, so they can withstand the harsh conditions of the dryers very well. They are also easy to keep clean and look beautiful.

If you appreciate original colors, you can opt for durable, waterproof paint. Be sure to choose a version dedicated to wet rooms. Only such an emulsion will protect the walls from mold and mildew.

Fashionable ideas for arranging the laundry room at home

In modern style minimalism and simplicity reign.Fashionably decorated house laundry rooms also follow this trend. Most often they rely on contrasts that emphasize their charm. A popular combination is white stoneware wall tiles and dark countertops. The whole is complemented by bright flooring, such as ceramic tiles.

People who pay special attention to aesthetics can get a washing machine color-matched to the rest of the interior.A frequent choice are black and gray models.

If you have enough space, the washing machine at home can make your daily chores much easier. Even small and narrow spaces can be arranged into practical and functional rooms. Indulge yourself in a bit of luxury and see how comfortable it is.

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