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How to decorate a modern dining room? What furniture and accessories to choose? Check out our tips and inspiration

Common meals are often the only time during the day when you can spend time with your family. That’s why it’s so important for a modern dining room to be designed functionally, with simplicity, yet cozy and stylish. Check out our inspirations!

How should a modern dining room look like?

Modern dining room first of all should be functional – to fit all family members and possible guests, as well as have plenty of storage space. Modernly decorated interiors are characterized by simplicity, but also fit to the needs of their inhabitants. The dining room is a place where the family meets every day, but also on holidays – it is worth ensuring that it is pleasant, that its decor and all the details please the eye.

The right table – the most important element of the dining room

It’s hard to imagine a dining room without a table – after all, it’s the room where you spend time, eating and even celebrating meals! Modern dining table should be adjusted to the number of people who will usually sit at it, as well as to the size of the dining room.If your dining room is spacious, choose a large family table – you will be able to hold a party on it, you will fit all the decorations and tableware, plus – you will seat all the guests at it without any problem.

For smaller interiors, a table for 8 people may be too massive – it will make it difficult to move around the dining room and it will make it impossible to insert other furniture. It is then worth looking around for a smaller, but folding table. For everyday use it will serve great, and when you make a dinner or a party for more people – just unfold it.

Round table, square, rectangular? Any of them will work in a modern dining room. The most important thing is that it should fit the dining room in size and be made of high-quality materials – it will last for years and will age beautifully.

How to decorate a modern dining room?

Dining room interior is a pleasure – you will spend a lot of time there, so design it to feel good in it. Decorating a dining room consists not only of choosing the color of the walls or chairs, but also details such as tableware and decorations.

modern dining room

Patterns and colors

There are quite a few arrangements for a modern dining room – it’s worth considering its theme at first. You can decorate it very elegantly and refined, reaching for gold, white, floral patterns, or bet on classics and simplicity, decorating the interior more uniformly. In large dining rooms, you can opt for a dark wall or intense wallpaper, small interiors are better brightened with neutral, bright colors with colorful accents. If the dining room is connected to the kitchen, you can symbolically separate the two by putting wallpaper on the wall or hanging more elegant curtains in the dining area. Remember that dining room decor is not just about colors and patterns on the walls – the character of this interior will be given by a tablecloth in a checkered or other pattern, lighting, colorful chair upholstery or a sofa.


When choosing a floor for your dining room, you need to keep in mind its functionality, and more specifically, its durability and ease of cleaning. It’s obvious that something will drip on it, fall on it, spill on it, and besides, pushing it away and reaching chairs can scratch it. The choice is huge – from floor tiles to wooden planks. Here the question still arises – does the dining room connect with the living room or kitchen, or is it to be a completely separate room? In either case, you need to decide whether you want to lay one type of covering, or combine different types.

One option is floor tiles – the choice is huge, and beautiful terra cotta or porcelain stoneware does not necessarily have to look typically kitchen-like. A modern solution is panels – such as vinyl panels, which look almost like wood, and are resistant to moisture and have a high abrasion class. A classic solution is wood plank – it fits into any interior and is very elegant, while it is mandatory to varnish it, otherwise it will be impossible to clean.

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The dining room is a room that is often located between the kitchen and the living room, but it should not be associated with an expressionless cafeteria. The modern dining room has its own specific character – one of the design solutions is to create a decorative wall in it. It will work perfectly for this wallpaper – to choose from botanical, floral or completely abstract motifs. In loft-style dining rooms, you may be tempted to go for wallpaper imitating bricks, and in those with a glamor style, wallpaper with gold or XXL-sized flowers. In more extravagant interiors perfectly incorporate animal and tropical motifs.


The choice of dining chairs should be dictated by the number of people who will usually sit at the table and, of course, the table itself. Ideally, the table and chairs should form a harmonious whole. Dining chairs should be comfortable and fairly easy to clean – bright, fluffy upholstery won’t necessarily work for family parties or dinners with small children. Even if you opt for simple wooden chairs, their image can be easily changed with stylish seat cushions and even elegant covers. If the table is intended for 6 people, it’s worth keeping extra chairs in mind, even if folding chairs – there will be no surprises when more guests show up at your place.

modern dining room

Table bench

On one side of the table you can put a bench for seating – it has the advantage that usually fits at least one more person on it than on the chairs. Dining benches are also a stylish accessory, somewhat decorating the space. Dining benches come in many styles – from industrial, wood and steel to highly ornate, baroque with a quilted seat. If your dining room is cramped, such a law is an alternative to chairs – after eating, you can simply slide it under the table top.

Dishware and tableware

Tableware is the crème de la crèmeof hosting a party. For this reason, it is worth getting two tableware – one everyday and the other, more finesse, elegant or completely extravagant. Food served on interesting tableware looks much more impressive, and candlesticks or fresh flowers, matched to the tableware, complete the look. A modern dining room is a good place for tableware that is simple, geometric or with small graphics.

Pendant lamps

The dining table needs to be well lit – pendant lamps are ideal for this. Usually the table stands in the central point of the dining room, so the lamps that go over it will be very visible. The light should be rather warm, because the dining room is a place for relaxation. Choose a lamp that is proportional to the size of the table – a lamp that is too small will only give a small spotlight, and one that is too large will overwhelm the table and shine too brightly. For longer, rectangular tables, 2-3 smaller hanging lamps will work, and for a square or round table, one slightly larger one.

Decorations and accessories

The number of accessories depends on how decorative the interior is – whether there is colorful wallpaper on the walls, curtains or chair upholstery. Among the accessories in the dining room it is worth getting candlesticks – an ordinary dinner takes on a special atmosphere when candles are burning. The same is true of flower vases – even simple floral arrangements make a striking decoration. Due to the fact that the dining room is located near the kitchen, and can even be connected with it, on the dining table you can put a bowl with fruit or a platter with sweets. Hang posters, paintings or large prints in a modern dining room – especially if the walls are plain. Potted flowers, a rug under the table – these are other accessories that will make your dining room unique.

Dining room with living room

In apartments in a block of apartments, more and more often there is not enough space for a living room, kitchen and separate dining room, so it is combined in one room modern dining room with living room. In this case, it is best to separate a rest area – with a sofa and TV – and a dining area – with a table and chairs. Everything should be decorated in similar styles to avoid chaos. If you want to mark the division of these zones more strongly, you can put between them a bookcase or other similar piece of furniture – it won’t separate these rooms completely, and will make it so that you don’t necessarily have to watch TV while eating.

Dining room with kitchen

Such a combination seems very natural, it is used in apartments and houses where there is no room for a separate dining room. One of the undeniable advantages is that you can cook while entertaining guests.The downside of such a combination is, unfortunately, an open kitchen, where you can see everything that is going on, and at the table you can smell all the smells coming from the kitchen, which is not comfortable for everyone. When arranging a dining room connected to the kitchen, it is worth arranging them in one style, but give the dining room a slightly different character – if only with the help of distinctive accessories.

Dining room with kitchen
Dining room with kitchen

Dining room in modern style

Dining room in modern style is simple, minimalist, but stylish. It rather avoids exaggerated ornamentation and milling, far from English romanticism and baroque splendor. In a modern dining room functionality matters, but also form – a table with distinctive legs, a futuristic lamp? By all means! This combines unobvious colors and textures, but in a balanced way. In a modern dining room, find materials such as wood, metal, but also stone and glass.

Dining room in glamor style

Glamor, or luxury and refinement. The dining room in this style is an elegant room, where metallic colors are combined with glass and stone. The centerpiece is a table – on metal legs with a black or white glass top. Marble will also work well in glamor arrangements. The ornament of the dining room in this luxurious style is a hanging chandelier – stylized with crystal or decorated with stones. Glamor style is also a wealth of accessories – glass vases, floral wallpaper and candlesticks. The dining room in glamor style cannot miss elegant tableware.

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Modern dining room – inspirations and arrangements

The modern dining room can be decorated in many different ways – from simple Scandinavian design to elegant glamor style. You can also combine styles, creating an eclectic interior – with a marble table and leather chairs. The dining room can draw inspiration from the industrial style – then a brick wall or imitation in the form of wallpaper, heavy lighting on cables and a raw table will work in it. Fans of urban jungle will certainly like the wallpaper in tropical flowers and chairs with green upholstery. A modern dining room must be stylish, but above all functional.

Choosing furniture and accessories for the dining room is quite a challenge – it is, after all, the central place of the house. Get inspired by the proposals for furnishing a modern dining room and create a one-of-a-kind interior! Comfortable and stylish – this is what this room should be.

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