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Choosing modular corners. What to follow when buying? Will a modular corner work in a small living room?

Modular corner sofas are very popular, because they allow optimal space management in any living room – both large and small. What to pay attention to before buying a corner sofa? You can find out everything in our article!

Modular corner sofas – what do they look like and how do they work?

Modular corner sofas are upholstered furniture that consist of a variety of elements. Combined together, they can create functional combinations such as:

  • couch with sleeping function daily,
  • small couch-couch,
  • corner U-shaped or L-shaped,
  • corner sofa with seat/otoman.

What the modular corner will ultimately look like is up to you! To the corner element you “add” on the left and right side the corresponding modules, such as a double sofa, an armchair with storage, an extension, a pouf, a sofa bed and many others. Manufacturers are outdoing themselves in creating different types of modules so that you can maximize the furniture to your needs.

Modular corner sofas

What to look for when choosing a modular corner sofa?

A living room corner is usually bought once every few years, so it’s worth thinking carefully about how you want it to look and what materials it should be made of. Also consider whether a convertible sofa with sleeping function or a simple modular sofa would work better for you.


When it comes to the color of upholstery, manufacturers offer fabrics in a variety of colors-black, gray, brown, beige, navy blue, and so on. The shade of a modular corner of the living room should be adjusted, first of all to the decor and needs of the household. Take into account that bright furniture gets dirty faster, but on the other hand you will see less pet hair on it.


Folding and non-folding modular corner sofas can be finished with, for example, velour, eco-leather, natural leather or water- and stain-resistant fabrics. Although leather and eco-leather look luxurious, they are bad for contact with animal claws. If you have doubts, store staff will certainly advise you on which fabric for a corner sofa to choose.


Before buying a modular corner, it is also worth asking what kind of filling is used. The most popular types are:

  • granulate,
  • foam polyurethane T-type,
  • foam polyurethane highly elastic type.

Remember that a modular corner sofa is a piece of furniture that you will use for several years. To ensure that it remains comfortable throughout this time, foam or sponge alone may not be enough. For this reason, it is worth choosing a model with springs.

Choosing modular corners


The shape of modular furniture is determined, among other things, by their form. On the market you will find minimalist models, without armrests and sides, as well as in glamor style – with quilting and a streamlined finish. Some of them have visible legs, and others a straight base (which is usually also a storage container).

Corner sofas also adopt different layouts (depending on the size and number of modules). Small modular corner are usually placed in the shape of the letter “L”, and large onesfor example, in a “C” or “U”.

Modular corner sofas for small living rooms

In living rooms (and apartments) with small space, functionality of the sofa is what matters most. So it’s worth investing in practical furniture such as small corner sofas with sleeping function or modular sofas with storage space.

Modern modular corners

Modern modular corners are often equipped with advancements that greatly enhance daily comfort. Some have an electrically extendable seat or footrest – with the push of a button, a simple armchair turns into an incredibly comfortable recliner!

In other corners the armrests are also a firm support on which you can put a cup, glass or bowl of popcorn without worry. This will turn ordinary TV watching or book reading into real relaxation.

The modern modular corner is usually a key piece of living room furniture. Often determines the character of the entire interior, so it is worth thinking carefully about this purchase – not only the color and material of the sofa, but also the type of filling and additional functionality (drawers, the ability to unfold, headrests, armrests, etc.).

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