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Tips on what kind of mopping vacuum cleaner to buy

Would you like to vacuum your floor and wet mop it in one go? If so, a mopping vacuum cleaner may be your dream come true! What is worth knowing about this device? In this article you will find all the necessary information.

What is a mopping vacuum cleaner? How does it work?

Washing vacuum cleaner is a functional 2-in-1equipment, or even 3-in-1 (mop vacuum cleaner) – depending on the model and manufacturer. What does cleaning with it look like?

The vacuum cleaner function works the same as in traditional models. Dust, dust and other fine, loose debris are drawn into the container by the brush. Wet cleaning requires pouring clean water (cold or warm), possibly with a little detergent, into the container. A dedicated microfiber cloth is usually placed on the brush, although some models have rollers installed right away, so that the cleaning vacuum performs dry and wet cleaning at the same time.

A mains-powered or battery-powered cleaning vacuum cleaner?

For sure, one of the first issues you need to think about is how to power the vacuum cleaner. When it comes to a floor-cleaning vacuum cleaner, most users’ opinions agree: wireless equipment is definitely better, especially when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum cleaner is a small compact device, and no switching between outlets makes the job much easier.

On the other hand, corded vacuum cleaners usually have more power and can run longer. Also, there is no risk of not cleaning the floor due to forgetfulness (because there is no need to charge the battery).

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The advantages of vacuum cleaners with washing function

A vacuum cleaner that washes panels, tiles, carpets, upholstered furniture, ceilings and even the interior of the car? Yes – it is possible! This type of equipment is the ideal solution when you do not want to keep various cleaning gadgets at home, which not only take up space, but also rarely decorate the apartment. Deciding on a upright cleaning vacuum cleaner certainly without regret you will say goodbye to the mop and bucket. What are the other advantages of such a vacuum cleaner?

  • Efficiency – wet collection of dust and dander allows you to clean the floor more thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Saving – both time (you no longer need to mop the floor after vacuuming), as well as money (you’ll spend less on electricity and cleaning products – many models effectively clean with water/steam alone). In addition, you also save space, because the cleaning vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional device and often compact.
  • Safety-wet cleaning kills most bacteria. In addition, it’s an allergy-friendly way of cleaning, since no clumps of dust and dust full of house mites are floating in the air while vacuuming. Dirt also does not settle on the furniture.
washing function

What to look for before buying?

The most important technical parameter is motor power – the bigger, the better. This will help you clean your apartment faster and more efficiently. Also pay attention to the factors that ensure convenience while using the equipment:

  • weight,
  • ergonomic handle,
  • filters,
  • number and type of tips,
  • additional features (different modes of operation, battery charge indicator, wall mount bracket, etc.).

If you have decided on a powered vacuum cleaner, check whether the length of the cable is enough to clean at least most of the apartment. When buying a wireless cleaning vacuum cleaner, pay attention to maximum operating time when the battery is fully charged. The necessary minimum is 30 minutes, although there are also devices running for more than an hour (the record holder is the cleaning vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua 8000 whose batteries last 80 minutes).

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And what is the best washing vacuum cleaner? Users point to several models, which are listed by equipment with or without a cord.

Wire washing vacuum cleaner:

  • In the brand Boschyou will find a model AquaWash&Clean. It’s a piece of equipment with a powerful motor (as much as 2,100 watts!) that will clean the floor dry and wet, as it can work in bagged or bagless mode.
  • When it comes to appliances brand Vileda, the washing vacuum cleaner (reviews around 4.8/5) is a model called JetClean. It vacuums, washes and dries the floor in one cycle.
  • The Floor-cleaning vacuum cleaner Karcher VC 5 is also worth recommending – durable, robust and equipped with a huge number of accessories.

Wireless vacuum cleaner:

  • In the company Philips Washing vacuum cleaner you will find several variants: 8000 Aqua Plus and Aqua 8000 (both with car kit), Aqua 5000 and PowerPro. Each is an upright mopping vacuum cleaner with a large array of accessories.
  • The most compact device is offered by brand Dyson. The Cyclone V10 floor and ceiling cleaning vacuum cleaner has already managed to earn the name of indestructible equipment!

So what kind of cleaning vacuum cleaner to buy? On the market you will find many models that clean dry and wet. A cordless upright washing vacuum cleaner doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the modern design makes it unnecessary to hide it in a closet. On the other hand, corded models are often powerful and can easily handle stubborn stains. With this short guide, you are sure to find the perfect device for you!

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