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What kind of crib for a newborn baby to buy? What should be included in it? Check out our suggestions!

The crib for a newborn is one of the most important products in a baby’s layette. You need to consider various factors to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. How to choose the right crib? You will find out in this article!

Traditional crib for a newborn

In the first months of a baby’s life, it is the crib that is the most important place where the toddler spends the most time. It is the center of his universe, from which he learns new things, watches and learns about his immediate surroundings. So it is worthwhile to take care of the comfort of the newborn, especially since sleep space affects not only the physical, but also the mental sense of security of the child.

The classic wooden crib with rungs is the most recognizable model. Many of us spent the first weeks of life in just such a crib. What are its advantages? Vertical wooden rungs protect the baby from falling out and, in addition, at the right moment they can help the baby learn to stand up and balance. In many types, you can also adjust the height of the bottom.

What’s more, traditional wooden cribs are usually durable and last a long time. Once the piece of furniture is too small, it can be sold or given to other parents. On the other hand some parents do not opt for this type of solution because of the large size of a traditional crib. Many are also concerned that the child will have problems falling asleep due to too much space and the rungs can, in extreme cases, pose a health risk to the toddler.

Traditional crib for a newborn

Parents’ bed extension

Where to put a crib for a newborn? This question is asked primarily by parents with small apartments. Parents’ bed stand is a solution that can help then. Made mostly of soft materials, these cribs have one dropped sideso that the baby can feel the presence of mom or dad at all times. It is possible to connect the bedside adapter directly to the mattress of the parents’ bed, with it will then not take up much space, and at the same time it will be easy to move it.

This solution is ideal for those who care about closeness with the baby also at night. Monitoring baby’s behavior at night is much easier. It is also a big help when breastfeeding. Be sure to select a model that is compatible with your bed to ensure the best possible fit. This solution has one major drawback – an extra bed is intended for children up to several months old. It therefore represents a short-term solution: a traditional crib for a newborn can serve for up to two years after the birth of a toddler.

Moses basket

Moses basket is an interesting alternative that is attracting increasing interest. How does it differ from the rest of the cribs for newborns? The main difference is the raw materials used in production.The Moses basket is made from natural, ecological and baby-friendly materials for example, corn husks or wicker. The Moses basket also has decidedly smaller dimensions than a traditional crib, which strengthens the baby’s sense of security. What’s more, the basket is lightweight and mobile – it can be freely moved to different places. It also does not take up much space.

Moses baskets often consist of a cot resembling a large bowl, which can be freely placed on any stable surface, and with a special stand. A major advantage that parents note is also the eye-pleasing design. Natural materials and timeless workmanship will blend into any space. However, this solution also has a drawback: the basket will only last for a few months of sleeping. Once the baby starts moving more and learning to sit up, it will require a traditional crib. On the plus side, Moses basket is durable and can last for years – including for future siblings.

Touring crib

Touring crib for a newborn is especially useful for parents who like to travel. It is a convenient solution that can serve not only during trips or camping. In appearance and size it resembles an ordinary baby crib. The difference lies in the workmanship – the crib is composed of soft materials, and the whole structure is based on a folding frame. It is therefore lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place. A decently made travel crib with a hard bottom and a quality mattress can even become an alternative to a classic crib.Then, however, you need to spend more time searching for the right product. Some of the travel cribs do not always guarantee height adjustment of the bottom, which can make it difficult to deal with the baby on a daily basis. Frequent use, folding and constant moving of the crib may affect its durability.

Cot on wheels

Where to put a crib for a newborn? When the answer to this question is not obvious, it is worth considering buying a crib on wheels. This is a relatively new product that combines several of the above solutions. The main distinguishing feature and asset are, as the name suggests, wheels which allow you to conveniently move the crib to all rooms and corners of your home. The baby may feel the closeness of the parents while sleeping in their room, but over time it will become easier to get used to sleeping in the baby’s room. Such a crib should be lightweight, so it will usually be smaller in size than a traditional piece of furniture. This has its advantages as well as disadvantages – an infant feels more comfortable in a smaller space, but also furnishings of this type will last shorter. Remember to necessarily pay attention to the working brake in the criband the adjustment steps.

Touring crib

Cot Accessories

In stores you will find many accessories and gadgets for your little one. Remember that in a crib designed for a newborn there should be only the necessary items. Admittedly, a newborn (a baby up to 1 month old) is not very mobile yet: it does not roll over or wriggle much. with time, however, he will begin to become curious about the surrounding space and move more boldly within it. Unnecessary items next to it can therefore constitute a threat. So what items are necessary or exceptionally useful for a toddler? And what to pay attention to when choosing them?


A newborn bedding is not just a crib. Right next to it, the key issue is choosing the right infant mattress. It is on it that the newborn will lie for most of the day and night, so it must meet several important criteria. Contrary to appearances, the mattress should not be soft, but moderately firm -so that good support for the child’s back, help maintain stability of the trunk and allow free position changes. The child’s body should also not collapse while lying on the mattress. A firm but springy mattress will be especially useful in traditional cribs where slightly older children will try to stand up.

Infant crib

Infant crib is an essential item in a baby’s layette. Also known as “burp cloth”,the horn will act as the first bedding, blanket and wrap in one. The newborn coming into the world should be guaranteed the best possible conditions similar to those of the womb. A baby horn in the crib will make the baby feel safe as well as cozy. The child will just be warmer – this will have a calming effect on him and allow him to fall asleep.

Breathing monitor

While this seems like an unnecessary expense for parents of fully healthy children, doctors suggest that the presence of a breathing monitor near the crib certainly won’t hurt, and may even save lives. In turn, this equipment monitors whether the baby falls into apnea which is one of the leading causes of crib death among newborns. When a newborn’s breathing stops or slows down, the monitor activates an alarm to wake the parent and inform them of alarming signals. It is usually placed under the mattress in the crib.


The colorful carousel is a gadget that has entered the collective memory as an integral part of a child’s crib. In fact, it is not an indispensable thing, but still many parents choose to install a carousel – if only for aesthetic reasons. Experts warn against gadgets that could distract a newborn, which is why it’s best to forgo the garish, noisy carousels in favor of educational contrast carousels. They will help the baby to train his eyesight based on observation of clear color contrasts that a newborn baby is able to perceive.

newborn crib

Crib accessories you need to watch out for!

Crib stores abound with all sorts of gadgets, but don’t go crazy. Some of them are completely unnecessary or may even be harmful and pose a threat to your baby. What products should you especially watch out for?

Bedding, rung protectors

If you are planning to buy bedding for your toddler, be prepared that it will be a time-consuming task. Bedding, on the other hand, must meet a number of standards for the baby’s sleep to be peaceful and safe. First of all pay attention to the use of natural materials (preferably 100% cotton), which will prevent rubbing, allergies, irritation of the baby’s delicate skin and excessive sweating at night. It is also necessary to pay attention to attestations and certifications and whether the bedding is safe (for example, whether there are no protruding elements in the form of zipper and buttons).

Often, when buying bedding, parents decide to buy rung protectors. They are supposed to provide protection for the child when it snags on a piece of furniture or puts its feet between the rungs. In fact, it is not an essential piece of crib equipment. Moreover, cases have been recorded that badly installed rung protectors led to dangerous situations. Unaware of anything, a child can choke on untangled ribbon for a badly installed protector that falls on the crib, and the child presses his face into it too much. Modern and good quality cribs are designed so that the rungs do not pose a risk.


To guarantee a proper and healthy sleep for your baby, we advise you to lay him on his back on a suitably firm mattress, without unnecessary accessories, pillows or toys. Especially toys – they are not only completely unnecessary, but can be dangerous and increase the risk of suffocation. The baby should have freedom and surround himself only with soft materials and objects,such as pinks or blankets. An interesting alternative, however, are noisy plush toys that can be attached to the crib frame. They will become an interesting decoration, and also serve the older child to play with. The biggest advantage of such toys is they emit noises which effectively soothe the infantand help put him to sleep.

How to prepare a crib for a newborn? Many criteria need to be met to guarantee adequate space for a newborn. The crib is the most important place for the first weeks and months of life, so it is worth taking care of the proper development of this space. Remember that a baby’s peaceful, deep and safe rest is also a good night’s sleep for its parents.

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