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Is an orchid in glass a good idea? How to properly grow an orchid in glass?

An orchid in glass looks very impressive. However, it turns out that its care is quite difficult and demanding. How to take care of such a plant, how to water it and what else should be taken care of? We answer all these questions in the article.

Orchid in glass – for its cultivation is enough water or should it have some substrate?

Orchids in glass come in two variants – some are placed in a vessel with only water, and others additionally have a typical orchid substrate, namely keramzytite. It turns out that it all depends on the type of plant. Some species of orchids are able to survive with water alone, and others are not. An example of an orchid that can handle water is falenopsis. You can also grow an orchid in glass with added mass which stores moisture well. Growing in water alone is the most risky and is often associated with rotting roots of the plant.

What care should be provided for an orchid in glass?

Caring for an orchid in glass is quite demanding. The plant needs specific conditions to develop properly. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when deciding on an orchid in glass.

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Convenient watering of orchids in glass will be helped by a convenient dishin which the plant lives. It should be wide enough so that you can easily remove the plant and introduce water inside. How often do you water the orchid? Always when, when the roots are quite dry. It is best to water the substrate at the bottom of the pot. Then the water in the right amounts will reach the roots themselves. Orchids should not be watered with cold water straight from the tap. It should be at room temperature.

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Fertilizers are able to greatly strengthen the plant, so it is worth using them to care for orchids in glass. For plants in pots, applicators with the preparation are often used, which are stuck into the substrate. For orchids in glass, it is worth reaching for spraying fertilizer for those that are introduced into the water you water the plant.

Measuring temperature and humidity

Temperature is a very important aspect in growing orchids. These plants are light-loving but they should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Flowers will find their way in quite high temperatures – even around 25°C. Depending on the species of orchid, their humidity requirements vary. Some plants feel best at humidity around 60%, and others as high as 80%. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the requirements of your own orchid and monitor both humidity and temperature with a humidity meter and thermometer.

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An orchid in glass – is it better to buy it or prepare such a composition yourself?

Orchids in glass can be bought in stores as ready-made compositions, as well as prepare them yourself. We recommend making them yourself, because such an option is slightly cheaper, you can choose yourself the type of glass suitable for the interior of the living room or other room, and also independently check the condition of the roots before placing the plant in the glass. Remember not to repot flowering orchids. Wait until the plant loses its flowers and only then place it in the glass.

Orchid in glass – a composition that delights but at the same time is very demanding in care. This is an excellent option for true flower lovers. Now you know the requirements of a live orchid in glass. Let us know if you decide to make such a composition in your own home.

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