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We choose orchid pots! What size should they be, what should they look like and where should you place them?

Orchid pots should, above all, be functional, but at the same time look nice. Orchids are one of the most popular household flowers. We suggest how to take care of them by choosing the right pot!

Orchid pots – what should they look like?

The most practical solution to properly care for your flower is a transparent pot that allows you to freely observe the condition of the soil and roots of your orchid. This way you will know what condition the plant is in and whether it needs watering. Moreover, the roots of many orchid varieties need access to light. An opaque or slightly shaded pot allows the sun’s rays to reach the flower’s roots and translate into its right following development. Nevertheless, most orchids are able to function in darker containers. So you can also consider colored decorative covers, made of plastic. Another important aspect is to provide the roots with access to air. For this reason, the orchid pot should be equipped with holes, allowing a free flow of oxygen and preventing the formation of fungi due to excess moisture.

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What materials are orchid pots made of?

The pots in which we buy orchids are usually made of clear plastic, such as plastic. Their appearance is quite simple and will not fit into the decor of any interior. To make the orchid perform a decorative function, you can place it in a decorative shield. Unlike a pot, an orchid cover should not have holes, serving as a stand to store excess water from the pot. A common choice is glass orchid pots of various shapes, decorated with cracks, patterns or delicately colored. An alternative to pots, made of glass, are their ceramic versions, which have the advantage of weight, allowing the plant to remain stable. On the other hand, an orchid in a pot should be able to free drainage of excess water which such plastic cannot fully provide. If you want a ceramic addition, a better solution than a pot would be a cover.

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How to choose a pot size for orchids?

Flowers of this type do not require much space, so large orchid pots are not the right solution. Plants will do well in relatively small pots. What’s more, orchids are not grown in universal mixtures of soil for potted flowers.This flower requires loose, air-permeable substrate consisting of bark, expanded clay and peat, among others. The size of the pot should be suited to the size of the orchid’s root system. If you notice that the roots are taking up almost all the space of the pot and are starting to come out of it, you should replace it with a slightly larger one while making sure not to make it too large.

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In what position should an orchid stand?

There are many varieties of orchids with different requirements, and the most popular of them is Phalaenopsis. You can buy it both in a garden store, florist, and in an ordinary market. Orchids of this variety require a sunny position, so a suitable place for them will be an eastern or western windowsill. It is not advisable to place an orchid by a window on the north side of the house, as not enough light will reach it. Remember also that orchids do not like frequent changes of position. Once you’ve chosen the right spot for your plant, make sure it stays the same as much as possible.

Orchids are flowers that in return for proper care will repay you with a beautiful appearance. For those who are beginning their adventure with this plant, it is recommended to choose transparent pot, which will allow regular inspection of the condition of the orchid roots.

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