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Choose the perfect wooden bed! What are the characteristics of wooden beds? What to follow when buying?

The wooden bed is an alternative to metal and plastic beds. It is a natural material, so the furniture is sturdy and sleep on it is healthy. What type of wood will be the best and what to follow when buying? We suggest!

Timber bed – what kind of wood should it be made of?

Timber beds are made of several kinds of wood. It’s worth knowing what characterizes each tree!


Oak beds are among the most expensive -and for good reason. Oak is heavy and durable, plus hard, which makes it difficult to work. Despite the high price, such a bed is an investment for years, asit is durable and resistant to mechanical damage.


Beech is another wood that is very durable and sturdy but a bit easier to work with-so beech can be used to make morefine beds. It is durable and resistant to damage but cheaper than oak. Natural beech has a light beige color, slightly falling into pink.


Pine is a popular material, mainly due to low price. Pine beds can even cost few times less than oak beds, but unfortunately they are not as durable. Pine, thanks to its antistatic properties (it does not absorb dust), will be great for children’s rooms and allergy sufferers. It has a nice, natural shade of light wood.

Timber bed


The advantage of larch is its flexibility which makes it possible to make beds from it with many ornaments. In addition, this wood is solid and durable. It has an interesting color scheme that changes as the wood ages – at first it is slightly yellow, then it turns red to finally turn dark brown.


This wood is prized for flexibility and natural fragrance. It is also an economic choice because birch beds are not expensive. Birch wood has a beautiful golden shade.

What to look for when choosing a wooden bed?

Purchasing a wooden bed is an investment for years and a considerable expense, so you need to approach it with reason. When choosing a wooden bed, you need to pay attention to several aspects – what size should it have, what arrangement should it fit, should it have a bedding drawer?

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Wood type

The type of wood depends primarily on what budget you have – oak is awesome, but expensive. In contrast, oak is solid and by far the most durable. A cheaper equivalent will be pine or larch. In addition – if the bed is to be heavily decorated, kept in a retro style, you are unlikely to find an oak one, as such decorations can not be made in this hard material. For an allergy sufferer’s room – necessarily pine, which does not absorb dust. In elegant arrangements will workdark larch or any exotic wood.

Size and height

It is obvious that the bed needs to be sized for the number of people who will sleep on it. For children’s rooms, one-person beds are usually chosen, which are quite narrow. The height of the bed basically depends on your tastes – in modern arrangements you often see very low furniture, on short, massive legs, while in bedrooms in the retro style reign somewhat grandmotherly, decorative, with fairly high legs. In addition to size, bedding compartment is also important – a bed with a container or with drawers is a convenient option for burying inside at least some of the bedding you do not use.


The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and undeniably strikes the eye. Therefore, it is worth choosing one that will blend in color and style with the entire interior. The most classic and most often chosen color is, of course, oak – this high-quality wood is impressive and looks extremely elegant in any style. For interiors rustic and boho beds in a classic light wood color – such as oak or pine – will work well. For those in the English style will fit perfectly dark wood or white wooden bed.

advantages of a wooden bed

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden bed?

Before you decide to invest in a wooden bed, see if this type of material will definitely work in your apartment.

Advantages of wooden beds

Wooden beds have a number of advantages. First of all, it is a natural material – will work well in homes for allergy sufferers, but also for people who have no allergies. Wood is a material that is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, so when buying such a bed we invest once, and we have quality for years. A classic wooden bed fits into almost any interior style, so it isa universal and timeless choice.Such a bed is also not so easily damaged – all scratches or micro-damage, first of all, are almost not visible, and secondly – easily repaired by gentle sanding. The advantage of wooden beds is also that you can easily change their design, simply by repainting them. In this way, even an old bed can be renewed. It’s a choice ecological and economical – a one-time investment for many years and even if you one day decide to throw it away, you won’t generate to the environment plastic waste.

Disadvantages of wooden beds

wooden beds are a good choice for the home, although what may deter you is their price. Even those made of cheaper wood are quite expensive – even though they are a good investment and will last for years, they are not cheap products. Wood requires proper care and maintenance – special preparations are needed for this.

How to fix a creaky wooden bed?

A creaky bed is a nuisance, because it disturbs the sleep not only yours, but also that of other household members. What can be done to prevent the bed from creaking? There are several ways to deal with this problem. You can use wax – just rub it into the parts of the bed, which should stop rubbing against each other. Check whether any screws have come loose – after tightening, the bed should no longer creak. Other components that can cause unpleasant noises are springs – they need to be oiled. Creaking can also be caused by contact between the mattress and the frame – you need to try to isolate them from each other by putting a thicker material between them, such as sponge or felt. If it turns out that the reason for the creaking was none of the above, it’s time to check the frame carefully – perhaps the annoying sounds are caused by moving parts of the frame, rubbing against each other. The only solution will be to glue them together.

Choose a wooden bed

Choose a wooden or upholstered bed?

The biggest advantage of upholstered beds is the soft headrest which makes it more comfortable to read or watch in bed, and keeps the wall behind it from getting dirty. Upholstered beds are available in a huge number of colors, textures and styles, so they fit into bedrooms of different styles, for example, for a bedroom in glamor style an upholstered bed with a quilted headrest will be ideal. Upholstery, however, has the tendency to rub and get dirty – after a relatively short period of time you will need to renovate or replace it. The material is not as easy to clean as wood.

Timber beds are beautiful in their simplicity and it is this raw color of wood that is their greatest advantage, which is why quite a few people do not opt for upholstery. Wood, no matter what you choose, will always be fashionable. Upholstery, unfortunately, does not offer as many design possibilities. The downside of a wooden bed, however, may be that it does not absorb impacts and is hard – it is worth paying attention to this, especially if you are buying a bed for a child.

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A wooden bed in a stylish bedroom – arrangements

A wooden bed is a classic in itself – a decent bedroom bed will add class to any bedroom. For the one in colonial or classical English style will fit a large, massive bed of dark wood, preferably quite high. Interiors in boho style are close to nature, but inspired by exoticism and travel – beds as close as possible to natural wood colors will work here, and can be beautifully complemented by a rattan headrest. Fashionable in recent years Scandinavian style is based on simplicity and harmony, and the materials used are wood, cotton, jute. Therefore, a simple oak or pine bed, finished with a small number of pillows and a uniform bedspread, will be ideal for this style. Also interesting is industrial style, in other words, loft style – its main inspiration is old factories, such interiors use concrete, bricks and just wood. There is no room for ornaments here, but rather for a massive, heavy oak bed that will slightly warm up the austere interior with its color.

The wooden bed is an excellent choice if you care about durability and quality. Wood is a natural material that fits many interior design styles. Although it is necessary to maintain such a bed from time to time, a number of its advantages compensate for this minor inconvenience.

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