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Round folding table – which one to choose? How to arrange it? Ideas for arranging a cohesive room with a round table

The round folding table is a way to have a fashionable and stylish dining room. With a wide range of design choices, it will work well in both classic and modern settings. What is its popularity and what to consider when choosing it?

The table is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing from any home!It is where you spend time with your family and eat everyday meals. Round folding tables are increasingly popular in the interiors of dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens.What is the phenomenon of this furniture and how to create an interesting arrangement with its use?

Round folding table – why is it popular?

The biggest advantage of a round folding table is the numerous arrangement possibilities that it creates. A large round folding table set in a central position will be a true ornament of a dining room or a spacious living room. Small folding tables made of glass or metal are great for a coffee corner or kitchen.

The round shape of the top makes, that regardless of the setting, the table does not disturb the symmetry in the room and looks good with the rest of the furniture -even if they are completely different. The same, moreover, applies to chairs. Even if their number is odd, the arrangement looks good.

A round table creates favorable conditions for conversation. The revelers sit facing each other, making communication simpler and more direct. It’s also easier to reach for meals and to evenly light the table. The expandable design makes the table versatile and you can easily adjust it to your current needs and the number of guests.

What to look for when choosing a round, expandable table?

There are various models of tables available for sale, which you can adjust to the character and function of the room. Industrial round folding table will fit perfectly in modern loft-style interiors, where the living room and dining room are a single spacious room. The round folding table with chairs is a good choice for a classic dining room. When choosing the perfect table for your interior, pay attention to its construction, the material of the top and the type of legs.

Round folding table


The key role in the convenience of the folding table is played by its construction. The round table makes no difference in this regard.The mechanism that allows folding and unfolding should work smoothly and lightly. Its structure usually consists of two metal or wooden rails, with the help of which you can spread the top in opposite directions. In the middle there is a shelf for an additional top with a rectangular shape.

Top material

When deciding to buy a table, you can choose between classic wooden top, high quality plastic or modern table made of metal or glass. A popular choice are tables made of furniture board with classic colors, such as gray or white round folding table, which is great for Scandinavian style arrangements.

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Leg material

The leg material can be identical to the top material or be its contrasting complement. Modern models of round folding tables are eager to use different materials, ³combining classic wood with a metal leg frame or a glass top with plastic legs. An original proposal is also a round folding table on one leg, especially if the leg is distinguished by an interesting and avant-garde design.

For rooms in which styles will fit folding round tables?

Modern style

Modern round folding table will work well in fashionable arrangements in loft style. You can bet on model made of glass and metal or plastic in intense color. A good choice for a modern room will also be a table with a frame of legs in the form of a fashionable crossbar.

folding round tables

Minimalist style

Minimalist style is characterized by simplicity and economy of form. In minimalist interiors, space plays an extremely important role. It will be great there folding dining table, which will not take up much space on a daily basis, and will allow you to host more guests. It is worth betting on a modern model made of metal and glass.

Scandinavian style

In a Scandinavian style dining room wooden furniture will look beautiful. A round table made of solid woodwill warm up the room and give it a stylish touch. At the table you can place chairs made of the same material and put on them colored cushions that will enliven the interior.

Industrial style

The wooden round folding table will also fit into an industrial style interior. In this case, however, it should have a simple and austere design. It will be a good idea to complement the arrangement with modern black metal chairs and decorate the tabletop with metallic ornaments. In industrial arrangements will also work round table made of metal, wood and glass.

Inspirations for arrangements of round folding table

Dining room

The dining room is an interior that on the one hand should be representative, on the other hand create a friendly, warm atmosphere. The oak round folding table will work wonderfully in classic arrangements. You can match it with wooden chairs, and complete the whole thing with a stylish tablecloth and chair cushions. In the center of the table, put serviette and a vase with fresh flowers.

A table with a wooden top and metal legs will look good in a modern dining room. You can match it with chairs with a light base and a solid upholstered seat, and hang a stylish lamp over the centerpiece of the table. The top of the table is a place fora stylish lantern in industrial or Scandinavian style.

round folding table - inspirations

Living room

A folding round table is also a good choice for the living room. The folding design makes the table doesn’t take up much space on a daily basis, and you can easily unfold it when more guests drop by. You can set the table in the central part of the room or point it closer to the wall. In a modern living room, a lightweight Scandinavian table or a loft-style metal table will look great. Add lightness to a classic arrangement by introducing a table with a glass top.

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Folding kitchen tables are a very practical choice both for a small and spacious kitchen. When choosing a round table for the kitchen, bet on a model whose top will relate in color and material to the kitchen cabinets. You can complement the table with lighter metal chairs, referring to the color and design of the cabinet handles or kitchen lighting.

The round folding table gives the interior a unique character. The round top does not disturb the symmetry of the room and also looks good with an odd number of chairs. This type of table allows direct contact between all interlocutors and free access to meals. The round table will be perfect for classic design and modern interiors in minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial style.

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