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Scandi boho: the trendiest combination of styles in design. How to decorate a boho scandi interior? Tips and inspiration

Scandi boho is the hottest interior trend that your apartment will love! Living room, bathroom or bedroom in scandi boho style? Functional, stylish and cozy arrangement is great for any room.

Scandi boho: what is this style?

Scandi boho style combines two seemingly opposite poles. On the one hand, there is the minimalism and functionality of Scandinavian style, on the other hand, the love of textiles and exotic accessories characteristic of boho style. Cool Scandinavian colors and natural materials perfectly harmonize with original design and intense ethnic boho colors. The common point is the love of natural materials and textures. The whole creates an extremely successful marriage, which has become one of the leading interior trends. How to decorate an apartment in the scandi boho style and to what rooms will such an arrangement fit?

What interiors does the Scandinavian boho style fit into?

The scandi boho style will work well in any home or apartment. Scandi is a symbol of modern interior elegance and functional solutions. The natural base provides a great background for the more expressive boho style and its characteristic patterned fabrics, ornate furniture and intense colors. The two styles complement each other on the principle of attraction of opposites – although even here the proportions and harmony of colors are important.

It is the ability to choose the right proportions that makes the scandi boho style so versatile that it will work well in large and bright rooms, as well as in smaller spaces. With its eclectic nature, scandi boho allows you to achieve the effect of a cozy and stylish interior, which at the same time will not be overloaded with accessories and will retain its functionality.

The boho scandi style will work well both in formal rooms, such as the living room or dining room, and asan arrangement of a home relaxation area in the bedroom or bathroom. You can also introduce it into the kitchen or hallway, creating a striking showcase for your home. How to do it? What are the distinctive features of boho scandi style and how to skillfully juxtapose colors, furniture and accessories?

scandi boho

What distinguishes the boho scandi style?

The boho scandi style is distinguished by a wide range of colors. Among them you will find both subdued colors characteristic of Scandinavian style, as well as more vivid boho colors. They are also natural materials, such as solid wood or exotic wicker. Scandinavian design smuggles in functional solutions, while boho decorations make the interior cozy and warm. We present the most important distinctive features of the scandi boho style.

Bright colors

The color scheme of the scandi boho style is a very wide range of colors. It includes thin and classic colors such as gray, white, graphite, black, beige and blue and blue. On the other side of the palette are ethnic and vibrant colors of nature and earth. It is green, brown, maroon, red, yellow and turquoise. You can freely mix colors with each other, but remember to maintain balance. A good rule of thumb is to use subdued colors as a background for more striking accessories.

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Natural materials

Both styles – Scandinavian and boho – love natural materials. In an interior decorated in the Scandi boho style there is room forScandinavian solid wood, woven woolen blanket and wicker furniture such as a cocoon chair or a striking coffee table or pouf. Woven straw placemats and stylish macramé wall hangings will work well. Also, do not forget about live plants. These can be exotic plants with lush leaves, ivy or decorative moss.

Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is primarily wooden furniture and textiles made of natural fabrics. The furniture should be functional and comfortable. You can bet on a large dining table made of solid wood or a bed with a wooden frame. Chairs with legs of the same color will also work well. Complementing the furnishings can be a sideboard or a stylish dresser. The windows will work well bright curtains, corresponding with the carpetand the color of soft cushions of neutral color.

scandi boho

Boho decorations

Boho decorations are more stately and expressive. The style has exotic roots, which is evident in the numerous ethnic motifs on fabric and wicker braids used for furniture, placemats and even lampshades. Add to this patterned bedspreads, macramé on the walls and even rugs imitating animal skins. Decorate the room with colored ceramics and clay flower pots.

Scandi boho style apartment design

The scandi boho style focuses on eclecticism and creative variety. For this reason, it is not reserved for one type of room, but can be a cohesive arrangement for the entire apartment. Light-colored walls and wooden floors promote optical enlargement of the interior, while stylish exotic accessories and numerous plants will give it a cozy and trendy character.How to introduce scandi boho into an apartment?

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Scandi boho in the living room

The living room is the place that concentrates the daily life of the family and is a representative space where you receive guests. Therefore, it should be simultaneously practical, cozy and impressive. Scandi boho style combines all these features. A couch – preferably light gray or beige will work well as the main piece of furniture. Its upholstery should be made of high-quality natural material. On the sofa arrange cushions of different patterns and colors. Tassels and ethnic motifs will work well. You can complete the corner with a stylish low table made of wicker or wood, under which there should be a patterned rug. Hang macramé or plant-themed posters on the walls. Also, do not miss large wicker pots with flowers with thick leaves.

Scandi boho style bedroom

Scandi boho style bedroom is an ideal space for rest and daily relaxation. The central place of the room should be occupied by a large bed – preferably wooden or wicker. You can also bet on a model beaten from fashionable euro pallets. For the bed choose cotton bedding of light colors. On top, impose a decorative fringed blanket. Pillows should also not be missing. Above the bed you can hang pictures or photos, or opt for a wall decoration in the form of a stylish macrame or dream catcher. The arrangement should be complemented by numerous plants with an exotic look, such as a palm tree or a cactus.

scandi boho

Scandi boho style in the bathroom

Scandi boho is also a good, though not obvious choice for the bathroom. To create an arrangement in this style, start with laying the walls with white tiles which will serve as a background for the decoration. The floor should have stoneware tiles resembling planks or wooden parquet. Furnishings should be light wicker furniture. A woven lampshade, flower pots and a boho scandi rug in the form of a rugs will work well as an accessory. You can complete the whole thing with ceramic dispensers for soap and candles with natural colors.

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Boho-scandi hallway

The boho scandi style will work as a striking showcase for your home. Bright colors will brighten up the hallway, even if it is small and has no window. So opt for white walls and light wooden furniture. On the wall you can hang a stylish mirror in a frame made of woven wicker. Wicker can also appear on pots or lamp shade. The hallway is also a good place to hang pictures with flower or plant motifs. To liven up the interior, put up a yellow doormat with ethnic motifs.

Boho scandi in terrace/balcony design

Both Scandinavian and boho styles draw heavily from nature. That’s why boho scandi is an ideal choice for arranging a terrace or spacious balcony.A wicker or bamboo braid run along the railing will give you more privacy and protect you from the wind. You can spread a patterned mat on the floor. Wicker armchairs and a low table made of pallets or solid wood will work well as furnishings. Natural decoration should be flowers designed to grow outdoors.

Decorating an apartment in scandi boho style is not difficult at all. Just remember bright base colors, natural materials and ethnic accessories of an exotic or folkloric nature. The subdued base characteristic of the Scandinavian color palette illuminates and optically enlarges the interior while protecting it from chaos. Boho-style accessories warm up the room and allow you to give it an individual character.

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