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Selemon – what is this color and what does it go best with? Check if it suits your interior!

Subtle and subdued – that’s what celadon color is. This unusual hue has found its way into both modern interiors and those decorated in a rustic style. What to combine this shade with and when to use it?

Selemon – what is this color and how is it created?

The original seletide coloris one of the shades of green. It is formed by mixing light green with a hint of gray. The resulting color is delicate, neutral and pale. It can be used both in subdued, classic rooms and in those with a distinct character. Its versatility has made this shade used in numerous interior designs.

It is worth remembering that selection color was at one time considered a color that imparts elegance and class.The walls in palaces and lavish mansions were painted with it, which was supposed to emphasize the luxurious appearance of the room.

The color selemon – what does it go with?

Fashionable, seerald inserts perfectly harmonize with retro style.If you want your interior to be styled in an older way, be sure to reach for green mixed with gray. You can use it as the main wall color to give the rooms a classic look. It will also be a good idea to add accessories in this hue, which will make the decor coherent and balanced.

This is a proposal for those who appreciate the combination of elegance with a modern approach to interior design.A light green mixed with gray will work well on the walls in small spaces. It will brighten up the room, and the subdued hue will add coziness and help create a homey atmosphere.

Over-sized living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms can also benefit from seasoned color.Subtle accents are especially welcome in apartments where white and gray reign supreme. Colorful elements add variety to the decor and enhance its visual appeal.

Selemon bathroom design

Selemon-colored living room

A properly arranged room improves your mood and facilitates relaxation.Seerald-colored living room is therefore a fashionable option for anyone who wants to relax after a long day at work. This shade belongs to the group of cold colors, it has a calming and tranquilizing effect.Soothes shattered nerves, and helps concentration and focus. What is the best way to introduce seletal color into the living room? It will work well for a trendy quilted sofa, among other things. The shade can also be found on armchairs, pillows or blankets. To make the interior cozy, it is worth reaching for long curtains in a delicate hue, as well as a seledyn carpet.

If you want a bold and modern composition, use a celadon color on one wall, and put darker, subdued colors on the rest. Such a solution is worth using in spacious rooms. Thanks to this they will look elegant and distinctive.

Selemon bathroom design

A fashionable bathroom is an integral part of any apartment. Those who are looking for functional, yet aesthetically pleasing arrangements, can opt for selective tiles.The proposals will work well in the form of both wall tiles and floor tiles.

The neutral hue perfectly matches with white, gray and other shades of green.You can therefore easily create a bathroom in a modern style. What’s more, it’s more difficult to see dirt on celadon-colored tiles. As a result, your room will look neat and elegant for a long time.

Similar to the living room, additions in the shade of celadon look good in modern bathrooms. Even such small details as a soap tray, towels or a rug will create a unique atmosphere. A relaxing bath surrounded by muted colors will allow to relax even more and make it easier to get rid of stress.

Kitchens with the color selemon

If you dream of a retro interior, selead kitchen will be a great choice.This versatile color can be the dominant shade in the room. Walls in this color match rustic furnishings. To enhance the effect and achieve an elegant decor, opt for cabinets with decorative handles.

In the mid-20th century the celadon color was used primarily in kitchens. At that time it was mainly put on furniture in this shade.Today it is again very popular. On the market you can easily find fashionable celadon countertops, tables, chairs or kitchen cabinets.


Seladon interior accessories

Fine details emphasize the whole character of the interior and influence how it will look. If you want your apartment to be cohesive and striking, take care of the celadon accessories. In order for a room to gain a cozy, homely atmosphere, it is necessary to enrich it with appropriate curtains. Long models will prove useful primarily in spacious living rooms and bedrooms. In turn, you can use the short, decorated versions in a modernist kitchen.

In rooms used for relaxation, a celadon carpet should appear. It makes the room seem more approachable. Models with long pile additionally quieten the interior and reduce noise from the neighbor’s apartment.This is an excellent option for people living in a block of apartments who want to minimize the intensity of unwanted noises.

If you value relaxation, stock up on seasoned armchair and blanket.Such a set will provide you with comfort while watching a movie in the evening and increase the visual value of your living room.

Selemon inspiration!

Selecid color combines well with white, cream and even black. Among the proven solutions is also the combination of dark celadon with various shades of green and blue. We present proposals for unique arrangements.

Using sapphire countertops in the kitchen is a great idea if you want to create a unique interior. Such an arrangement immediately brings to mind retro style, especially if you juxtapose celadon with gold accessories. The presence of black emphasizes the classics of such a kitchen.

Sevil color will also work well in your bathroom. Use it on the walls or on the floor, or even on the countertop. This will make staying in this room more relaxing.

Selemon does not have to be the dominant color in a room. Even subtle accessories in this shade will bring some coziness and warmth to the interior. The celadon bedspread composes fantastically against the white walls.

The versatility of the celadon color makes it possible for everyone to use it in their apartment. If this subdued shade appeals to you, try fashionable compositions for the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

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