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Sleeping sofas – what to look for when choosing one? We suggest what kind of sofa with sleeping function to choose!

Folding sofas are practical furniture that not only look good, but also allow for blissful relaxation. How to know a comfortable sofa and what to suggest when buying one? Sofa with sleeping function – check how to choose the perfect model for the living room and bedroom.

Are sofa beds still fashionable?

Many of us remember sofa beds from our childhood. This may beg the question, are they still fashionable or are they an interior design faux pax? Fortunately, thanks to technological advances and modern design, the folding sofa is still in vogue!This piece of furniture owes its popularity to its functionality, comfort, as well as its design, which will match any style.

Aspects to look out for in choosing a sofa bed

Choosing a sofa bed is not an easy task. There are many models on the market, among which it is difficult to choose the only one to serve for years to come.This is why we recommend reading the following tips and take our advice into account. What to look for when choosing a sleeper sofa.

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First you should pay attention to the upholstery material of the sofa.It affects not only the appearance of the furniture, but also its durability and functionality. First, you need to decide whether you are interested in artificial fabrics unnatural – this narrows the field of choice in a way.

If you’re going for something natural, you can choose linen or cotton, but it’s not durable. If you want as much durability as possible – leathers will work great. However, this material is quite expensive and requires special maintenance. For this reason, however, synthetic upholstery is often chosen which is not necessarily inferior or less durable.

Thanks to developing technology, manufacturers have the ability to create more and more durable materials so they can offer really good quality sofas and sofa beds. Nowadays, a popular choice are materials protected with additional protective layers,which make them easier to keep clean. This is because they are resistant to liquid absorption thanks to the use of hydrophobic coating. This way, spilled juice will simply run off their surface, instead of soaking into the folding couch.

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What size you go for really depends on the purpose of your sofa with sleeping function. If you are looking for something for the guest room it is worth betting on a large size, so that your loved ones will always be as comfortable as possible. For a children’s room you can safely choose a smaller model.

Are you perhaps looking for something that will be your everyday bed? Here the choice of size depends on how much space you need and whether you will be sharing a sleeping surface with someone. It is worth paying attention to how much space you have to manage in a given room. Accurate measurement of the apartment is the basis here. The furniture must have enough space both in folded and unfolded form.


Another factor to pay attention to when choosing modern sofas for the living room is their folding. Be sure to check what system folding characterizes your potential sofa and whether it suits you. Is It adequately simple, comfortable and fast?

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What are the reclining options for sleeper sofas?

There are some options for unfolding sofa beds. Contrary to appearances, some of them differ significantly from each other. Below we will discuss the most popular ones so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Belgian system

Belgian folding system is also called sedak. It somewhat resembles a field bed system. To unfold this type of sofa, you need to pull out the structure, which is hidden in the storage compartment, and arrange it by resting the subsequent frame elements on the splayed legs. This type of furniture is devoid of a bedding container, therefore it is recommended rather for occasional sleeping.

DL system

The DL system is one of the most popular reclining systems. It can be found in both classic sofas and corner sofas. The way it works is simple – just slide out the seat and then fold the backrest. Usually this type of sleeping sofa is soft and springy. Here we can already count on large bedding compartment, therefore it is a very functional choice.

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Click-clack system

The click-clack system is the simplest and fastest system, which was very popular in furniture created in communist Poland, but still has its supporters today. To unfold it, simply lift the seat and move it slightly towards the backrest until you hear a characteristic click. This means that the seat can now be lowered, thus gaining a sleeping surface. However, this is not the most comfortable option for sleeping, as this system causes the middle to have a depression that can interfere with sleep.

The “cart”

This system is also called semi-belgian. In order to unfold it, you need to pull the carriage out from under the couch and unfold the mattress on top of it. Its advantage is that, despite the small size of the couch, we can count on a relatively large sleeping space.

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Italian system

Italian system is a system somewhat similar to Belgian but it is much more comfortable. This is because the Belgian system usually uses foam mattress, while in the Italian we can count on a decent spring mattress which significantly affects the comfort of sleep. In the Italian system, the structure is more stable, and the frame is built of elastic slats, not bands, making it very similar to a classic bedroom bed.

The “dolphin”

The system with this graceful name is used in the corners. To unfold it, from under the furniture you need to slide out the carriage, and then pull the part, allowing you to create a sleeping surface.In the second part of the corner (ottoman) you will usually find a bedding compartment. This system is very convenient, as it guarantees a sizable surface and stability while sleeping.

Modern sofa beds for living room – arrangements

Couch beds are an important part of living room arrangements. So it is worth, to make them consistent with the whole. In this regard, it is necessary to choose the right color. If the entire interior is decorated in beige, then you can either choose a sofa bed of the same color, or bet on contract and purchase, for example, a maroon sofa bed. This way you can get two completely different arrangements. To complete the whole, it is worth choosing style decorative pillows for a bedspread, corresponding to the style or color of the sofa.

As you can see, choosing furniture such as modern sofa bed for the living room is not at all easy. Therefore, it is worth exploring the topic and consider the material, color, as well as folding system.This will make your search easier and successful, and thus your interior will gain in functionality and charm.

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