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Are small sofa beds usable and do they fit into fashionable interiors?

Small sofa beds are a great idea for small apartments. This type of furniture is not only a seat, but also serves as an additional place to sleep, and in a one-room studio – it replaces the bed. We suggest which one to choose.

Small sofa beds – can this utilitarian furniture be stylish?

When arranging an apartment, attention is paid to whether the furniture will fit the chosen style, but also to its usability. The latter is particularly important in small apartments, where every square meter counts, and the ideal piece of furniture must be not so much pretty as multi-purpose. One of the interior furnishings are sofas – it’s hard to imagine a living room without them. It is on them that you watch TV, read a book or take a nap. Small sofa beds, like their large counterparts, come in a variety of styles and colors, their upholstery is made of a variety of materials – from thick canvas to leather or velour. Regardless of their size, they can be an extraordinarily stylish addition that emphasizes the character of the interior. An interesting choice are corner small sofa beds, thanks to which you can create a cozy relaxation area in the living room.

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Where will small sofa beds work well?

Small sofa beds are the perfect choice wherever,there is not enough space for a larger sofa bed. This may be a small living room where a larger piece of lounge furniture will not fit, or a guest room where nothing larger than a small two-seater sofa bed is needed. This type of furniture, combining the function of a bed and a sofa, is an ideal solution for studios where there is no room for a bedroom with a bed and a separate sofa.

Small sofa beds

Small sofa beds with bedding storage

If a sofa bed is to replace a bed, It is worth buying a model with a bedding container – in apartments with smaller space there is usually nowhere to keep it, and in the living room a bed will look hardly aesthetically pleasing. Even if the sofa will not be used for sleeping, you can put pillows or blankets in the storage space, and even winter or summer clothes for which there is no room in the closet.

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How to arrange small sofa beds? Inspirations

A small sofa bed can be arranged in many ways – properly selected will work well in any interior style. Simple, single-colored great will fit into a Scandinavian interior which is characterized by harmony and order. It can also fit into a boho, nature-inspired and exotic interior – just choose a piece of furniture in an intense color or decorate it with colorful pillows. Modern small sofa beds are a good addition to interiors in industrial style, which is characterized by a kind of rawness, and uses wood as one of the main materials. A sofa in a dark color on wooden or metal legs will be ideal for a loft apartment. A small two-seater sofa with natural upholstery, finished with aged wood or with a nonchalantly thrown blanket is a great addition to a home with a rustic climate – rural and cozy. Small sofa beds can be arranged in virtually any style.

Small sofa beds are extremely functional furniture – they are a seat, but will also work well as a bed. This solution is convenient wherever, due to limited space, you need to insert something small and multifunctional.

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