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What tiles for living room? Fashionable and practical floor tiles for the living room – tips and inspiration

Tiles for the living room are an increasingly popular interior design element.What are their advantages and is it worth choosing them over laminate and wood? Will tiles replace panels? Be sure to check out our tips and get inspired by ideas from Instagram!

Tiles for the living room – the most practical solution

Tiles are very easy to keep clean. If the living room is connected to the kitchen or has an exit to the terrace – this will be an ideal option. Tiles are low-maintenance, which is why they are usually used to cover the kitchen floor, which is particularly vulnerable to dirt. If you decide to use tiles in the kitchenette, and lay panels in the rest of the room, it will be necessary to connect the two different surfaces, for example with a special strip, which will optically reduce the room. Laying tiles over the entire surface will not only be faster, but also, thanks to a consistent floor, the space will appear larger.

High abrasion class tiles will perform well in all conditions.People who like wood will also find something for themselves, because wood-like tiles for the living room are difficult to distinguish from planks.In addition, they do not require sanding or special care. Thanks to tiles with evenly cut edges, it is also possible to obtain a flat, uniform floor.

Benefits of tiles for living room – why choose tiles instead of panels or wood?

Tiles can be matched properly to any interior-their patterns and textures make it easy to imit other, less practical surfaces. They can give a room a whole new dimension.

The material from which the tiles are made makes them suitable for rooms with a lot going on. Such definitely includes the living room. It is where we receive guests, move chairs, go out on the terrace. It’s also where the little ones and our pets play. Tiles are resistant to scratches, moisture or temperature, so they will definitely work best in such a used room.

Benefits of tiles for living room

Tiles for living room – imitation wood

Tiles like wood for the living room? It’s possible! Wood makes the interior more cozy. Therefore, this material suits living rooms, where we spend a large part of our lives. However, due to its impracticality and price, it is increasingly being replaced by tiles. Currently, in the store you can find tiles imitating different types of wood. In addition, these tiles have the shape of planks which makes them look like panels.

What tiles for the living room – matte or glossy?

Floor tiles for the living room can be purchased in both matte and glossy versions. Which variant you decide on is up to you. Tiles glossy tiles work well in smaller rooms, as they optically enlarge them. It is also widely believed that they look more elegant than their matte counterpart. However, it is worth considering that they are slightly more slippery than matte tiles, and dirt is a bit more visible on them.

Matte tiles for the living room floor are more resistant to damage and look very good on large spaces. They are not as slippery as glossy tiles and you can’t see dirt on them such as hair or fur. They are also less demanding to clean because they can be washed with ordinary tile liquids or even water with vinegar. On glossy tiles more often appear smudges, so it is worth using special products for their care.

Shine or matte should be adapted to the interior and style of the entire apartment. It is worth considering the floors with which the tiles will be combined (for example, the floor in the corridor), so that everything forms a cohesive whole. In fact, everything depends on your preferences and needs. When choosing tiles, it is worth bearing in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.

Tiles for underfloor heating for the living room

The tiles themselves are quite cold which can be uncomfortable, especially when you walk around the house barefoot. A perfect solution, therefore, is to combine tiles with underfloor heating. Ceramic tiles are resistant to temperature changes, so they do not deform under the influence of temperature. Heating will make them they are warm and pleasant to the touchso walking on them can be more comfortable than even wooden panels.

Tiles in the living room

Tiles in the living room – inspiration

On Instagram you can increasingly see that people are choosing to buy tiles instead of panels for their apartments. We have prepared for you some inspiration with different types of living room floor tiles. Here they are:


Light-colored wood grain tiles for the living room are great for minimalist, rustic interiors. It’s also perfect for fans of the climate boho.


Dark wood imitation tiles give a slightly more serious and elegant toneto the room. It is also interesting to use the same tiles on the walland complement the interior with accessories in distinctive, contrasting colors.


Large, glossy tiles optically enlarge even small living rooms and give interiors an elegant style glamor.


Matte, bright tiles are ideal for large areas which do not need to be optically enlarged with flash. They look elegant, minimalist and modern.


The last example is matte tiles with a distinctive, uneven pattern. In addition, an interesting effect was given here by the use of tiles in different sizes.

Tiles for the living room are gaining popularity all the time. There is nothing surprising about this, since they are a combination of practicality with great looks and durability. Which type of tile do you like best? Note in the comments!

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