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What type of bedding container should you choose to fit perfectly into a room? Types of containers and suggestions for where best to store them

A bedding container is a convenient way to store a bed cover and an extra set of bedding. What are the types of containers and where can you place them so that they do not take up space and access to bedding is convenient? We suggest!

Container for bedding – when can it come in handy?

Clean and fresh bedding is synonymous with a pleasant and comfortable resting place. Few people realize that leaving uncovered bedding on the bed creates a dream habitat for bacteria and dust mites which settle on the covers and inside the feathers. Therefore, it is good practice to cover the bed with a bedspread or store it in a lockable container where dust and bacteria have no access.

The linen storage bin is also a reliable way to relieve closet strain. The quilt and pillows take up a lot of space, greatly reducing storage. An additional set of bedding, on the other hand, is indispensable in case of guests or family arrivals. How to choose a bedding container and in what types of this clever solution exist?

Types of bedding containers

Although a bedding container is a relatively simple solution, there are many types and models of boxes in which you can hide your bedding. Container for bedding box, pouf, or maybe a container on wheels? See what your options are!

type of bedding container

Plastic bin

Plastic bedding bin is a very practical choice. Plastic is one of the lightweight materials so you can freely move it to your desired location. The tight closure makes the plastic container dust-proof and protects your bedding well. A practical solution will be pa container made of transparent plastics you can always see its contents. On the market, there are both tall models on wheels and flat containers that you can easily slide under the bed or place on top of the closet.

Wooden storage box

Another solution is a wooden bedding box. This option will work great if your bed is also made of solid wood. You can put the container under the bed or use it to arrange a fashionable cabinet or shelf in the bed legs. The wooden container can have different colors and decorative elements to make it a designerous piece of furniture in your bedroom or guest room.

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Puffa bedding container

Puffa bedding container is an extremely practical and stylish solution. The container has a classic box design, which is upholstered on the outside, and its lid is finished with a soft cushion. Such a container will work perfectly in the role of a dressing table chair, armchair footrest or an additional seat in the home office.

Bin on wheels

A bedding container on wheels is also an interesting proposition. You can choose between a classic container with a flat design, ideal under the bed, or a larger box that can fill also the function of a seat or an additional bedside table. Thanks to the casters, you can easily change its location and adjust it to your current needs.

Where to place the bedding container?

Choosing a bedding container is closely related to where you want to store it, and its intended use. The container for the bedding you use every day should be in the immediate vicinity of the bed, while the spare bedding can be placed in a closet or in another room.

place the bedding container

Under the bed

If you plan to locate a bedding container under the bed, it is worth betting on a model that has casters which will make it easier for you to pull out the bedding every time. It can be a plastic container, a wooden box on wheels or a classic drawer. In any case, the bedding container under the bed should have a color that corresponds to the material and color of the frame, so that the whole looks aesthetically pleasing and consistent.

In the closet

Another popular place to store bedding is the closet. This is a place where the appearance of the container also does not matter much, but what matters is functionality. The best choice for the closet will be a lightweight container that you can easily pull off even the highest shelf. It’s a good idea if it’s made of transparent plastics you can always be sure you’re pulling off the right box.

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…or as a freestanding piece of interior design!

The bedding box can also be a stylish piece of interior design. Wooden box will look great in loft or industrial style – it all depends on the color of the wood and finish. The pouf-bin can be the protagonist of fashionable arrangements in glamor style. Rarely opened box with an extra set of bedding is an idea for an original flowerbedor an additional table.

What else besides bedding can be stored in such containers?

A large bedding container can be used not only to store bedding, but also other items you use less frequently. This is a good place for a ski jacket, spare blanket or seasonal clothes. A bedding container in a guest room, on the other hand, can serve as storage for all items related to overnight guests such as towels or a handy toiletries kit.

The bedding storage is a practical solution, thanks to which you will protect your bedding from dust and gain additional storage space.A wide selection of types, sizes and colors, will allow you to make it a stylish addition of furnishings or a functional organizer to a closet or bed box.

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