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A wall idea behind the sofa. What to hang on the wall behind the sofa in the living room? Check out our inspirations!

The empty wall behind the sofa is the perfect place for an interesting arrangement. There can be a series of photos, a large poster, an interesting wallpaper – we suggest what other ideas for the wall behind the sofa you can implement. See what inspirations we have prepared!

Ideal with ideas for the wall behind the sofa. Match the design of the wall to the style of your living room

The empty wall behind the sofa in the living room is the perfect place for an original and unusual decoration. Decorating a wall actually has no limits, except for one thing – try to match the arrangement with the decor of the living room. If it is decorated in a particular style, do not disrupt it with mismatched wallpaper or misguided graphics.

What can you hang over the sofa?

Inspirations for wall decoration are plentiful – an empty wall looks quite sad, and besides – additions add style and coziness to interiors. See what you can hang on the wall behind the sofa!

Big mirror

Who said a mirror should only be in the bathroom or hallway? The living room is a great room to hang a large, decorative mirror over the sofa. In art deco or glamor style living rooms, those with an ornate frame will work, and in loft-style living rooms rather with a subdued and simple one. A large mirror additionally performs an important function – optically enlarges the space.

mirror behind the sofa


The empty wall above the sofa is the perfect place to display a piece of artwork you own – no matter if it’s a well-known painting or a gift painted by a friend. One large painting will look monumental, but you may be tempted to tryptic – three paintings in a similar style or from the same artist. If your living room is decorated rather ascetically, you can hang even dissimilar paintings – they will give the impression of artistic disorder, but not chaos.

Wall shelves

Another idea to use this space are wall shelves – you can hang ordinary plank shelves or be tempted to make a hanging mini-retailer.On such shelves you can set books, but more decorative will look aesthetically arranged trinkets – vases, figurines, photos, candles. A nice decoration is also provided by books placed side by side, a designer vase or a large candle. If the register is to look aesthetically pleasing, it should not be overloaded.


A very distinctive idea for decorating the wall behind the sofa is to stick wallpaper there.If the whole room is uniform, a section of wall with a pattern will look very stylish. The choice of wallpapers is huge – from delicate, small patterns, through floral motifs, to more crazy geometric or animal.

Graphics and posters

Graphics and posters for the wall behind the sofa are an alternative to paintings. Posters of different sizes, but in one style, look interesting. Movie lovers can hang posters with iconic movie scenes, and in modern-style living rooms you can bet on posters with inscriptions – such as motivational quotes. If you have authentic concert or theater posters – all the better! They will give the interior a unique atmosphere.

Graphics and posters

Mirror composition on the wall

Mirror composition on the wall is an alternative to a single large mirror. The whole charm of this type of decoration lies in finding a few or a dozen small mirrors in similar framesand arranging them irregularly. It is important to choose mirrors according to one key – only gold frames or only vintage-style mirrors. If you hang several mirrors, but in different styles, it will get messy.

Mural wallpaper

Wall mural is an alternative to wallpaper. You can order a wall mural with your own print or choose one of the ready-made designs. And there are plenty of them – popular motifs include cities, sky mapsor famous photos of actresses or actors. Wall murals can also depict optical illusions – this effect is interesting, but can be a bit tiring to the eyes.

Wall idea behind the sofa – inspiration

The wall behind the sofa should match the rest of the interior. In urban jungle style a wallpaper in exotic plants will work well, and in a boho living room a large macramé. This is also a good place to hang shelves with hanging flowers. In the living room in Memphis style, animal pattern wallpaper would work – it’s a bit eccentric, but very stylish. If you are a fan of minimalism, a simple graphic in the center of a white wall will also be a good choice.

The wall behind the sofa is the perfect place to realize your artistic vision! Posters, photos, shelves of trinkets – all this gives the atmosphere of the room and reveals the secret about its inhabitants. What hangs in this place in your home?

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