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What is a mop robot? Types, which one to choose? We suggest!

Mopping robot is another modern device that will help you keep clean. It will effortlessly and hygienically mop your floors for you. What is a mopping vacuum cleaner and is it worth having one in your home? We suggest and advise which one is worth choosing!

Mopping robot – what is it?

We live in a time where robotization and smart technology has taken a stranglehold over the household industry. While we have grown accustomed to robot vacuum cleaners, manufacturers continue to surprise us by also offering floor mopping robots. What is a mop vacuum cleaner? It is a cleaning robot whose task is to wash flat surfaces. So it will work well not only in kitchens or bathrooms, but also in most cases in living rooms clad with wooden panels.

Intelligent device moves around your house automatically, independently determining its route and avoiding obstacles. The mopping robots are small in size so they have the ability to clean smaller spaces and reach hard-to-reach areas such as corners. They also reach spaces under furniture. Before buying, it is worth finding out how many modes a particular mopping robot has. Such devices can offer dry cleaning, that is, sweeping, wet washing, that is, mopping, in different modes – mostly ordinary and thorough cleaning. The robotic mop is operated with a remote control or a mobile app on your phone.

Mopping robot

How does the mop robot work?

Mopping floors is an essential activity that needs to be done to keep a home clean. However, few people like it, so reaching for a mop is not associated with pleasure for everyone. Fortunately, a solution for this too has emerged in the form of a robotic mop cleaner. The mop vacuum cleaner will independently mop the floors in the kitchen, hallway or bathroom. Without effort, buckets of dirty water and back pain.

How does the mop robot work? Depending on the model, the devices may have a special washer which moistens the surface and dissolves stains lingering on it. Properly moistened with the liquid, the robot cleans and polishes the floor with special highly absorbent pads. Directional water sprays help remove sticky or dried stains with greater efficiency.

Other robots may have overlapping cloths, which clean the surface dry and wet. Wet pads have absorbent fibers that thoroughly clean the surface. Most robots also feature a sweeping function. The dry work pads collect dirt, dust, dander to ensure the floors are cleaned as thoroughly as possible. The robot moves along a designated line along the room. To guarantee the best cleaning, you should regularly fill the water tank or replace the cleaning pads with new ones.

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What to look for when buying a robot mop?

Although the robot mop is a technological innovation there are already many of them on the market, so there is plenty to choose from. What is worth considering when choosing an automatic cleaning vacuum cleaner? The first issue to think about is what model of robot to choose.On the market you will find wet mopping devices which have an additional sprayer, or those working with the help of absorbent pads. Pay attention to the number of functions, and whether the robot has all the modes you need on a daily basis. If you value multitasking, bet on cleaning robots which, in addition to cleaning floors, also have a built-in sweeping or vacuuming function. Using them, you will clean and mop your floors during one cycle of the device. The number of functions, of course, affects the price of the equipment.

What else can influence the choice of a mop vacuum cleaner? Some have several additional features or enhancements that may weigh on your purchase decision. One of them is battery capacity and charging speed. Make sure you buy equipment that can run long enough. If you have a large space to clean, invest in a mopping robot that runs longer on a single charge,or one that which automatically plugs in to charge, then resumes cleaning.

Make sure also that the chosen equipment is safe for wooden panels and floors. All such robots can be used on tile, tiles, but only selected models work on wooden surface. Do not forget to pay attention to whether the robot has embedded sensors that could distinguish between a flat surface and carpet. Finally, a great convenience in the use of the robot will be remote steering and operation of the equipment via a mobile application. Many modern mopping robots offer this type of convenience. From the position of your smartphone you can schedule the device, accessits functions and solve any problems. On some models, you can even remote the zones in which the robot is to clean floors.

mopping vacuum cleaner

Disadvantages and advantages of a mopping vacuum cleaner

Those who do not like cleaning and in whom the sight of a mop in a bucket arouses aversion and outright disgust, need not be convinced of the advantages of a mopping vacuum cleaner. Using a washing device provides not only convenience, but also hygiene – without the need for bulky buckets or dirty mops. The equipment does the work for you, cleaning the entire surface of the house. A big advantage of the mopping robot is that most such devices have an additional dry cleaning function. The robot will pre-clean the floor of dirt before it gets down to mopping and mopping. So it can replace the vacuum cleaner in cases of delicate dirt. This is a big saving of energy, as well as time.

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This does not, however, make mopping robots without any disadvantages. Like vacuuming robots, they do not clean surfaces deeply. Those who require sparkling cleanliness and thoroughness in cleaning, may have reservations about the robot’s work. Floors, especially in the bathroom or kitchen, are often characterized by stains that are difficult to remove. It happens that the robot is not up to the task of removing very stubborn dirt. Such devices are primarily used to refresh floors. So buying such a robot does not mean that you say goodbye to the traditional mop forever. What’s more, this type of equipment does cost a lot – their prices are unlikely to go below 1,000 zlotys.

The mop robot replaces the householder in the necessary but also least liked house cleaning chores. This is a big plus for this type of solution, which many users are sure to appreciate. Before buying, however, it is worth collecting all the pros and cons and thinking about the question,whether an automatic mop is necessary in your home.

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