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Window decor – how to decorate windows? Tips and inspiration – the most fashionable window decorations

Window decoration in a house or apartment does not have to be classic and consist only of curtains. You can also opt for modern window decor, which will strongly influence the atmosphere of the room. What to choose and what to keep in mind? Be sure to read the article!

Window decoration, i.e. curtains, curtain rods, curtains, blinds…

Unique window decoration is possible thanks to the multitude of various decorations. There are numerous decorative elements available on the market, such as firans, curtain rods, curtains, blinds or shutters. Their choice can depend on the style of the room, the type and size of the window or what function they are supposed to perform (other than decorative). The huge selection makes it possible for everyone to find a decoration in accordance with their gust and preferences.

Window design is not only about aesthetics, but also practical value

Windows let light into the apartment and often occupy a large area of the walls. Therefore, it is worth adapting their appearance to the interiors in which they are located. Elements such as curtains or blinds, in addition to aesthetic value, also have practical use. They allow, for example, to control the amount of light allowed into rooms, to shield oneself from the sight of neighbors or to cover imperfections in the finishing of windows.

curtain rods

Firans, curtains, blinds, curtain rods – elements of window decoration

Firans are by far the most popular form of window decoration. It is usually made ofwhite, thin fabric which can be both plain and lacy. Curtains come in different lengths – there are short ones that do not cover the entire window, as well as those that reach all the way to the floor.

With the help of a curtain rod, which is a special bar or rod located above the window, curtains can be attached. These are (unlike curtains)non-transparent fabrics whose function is to inhibit sunlight entering the room. They are usually hung in front of the curtains and blinds the windows with them at night. Most often they are long, to insulate the light as tightly as possible. Long curtains also look more elegant than a simple curtain.

Rolls are another very popular way to decorate a window. There are plenty of types of blinds on the market, but the main division that can be made is that into internal blinds (mounted indoors) and external blinds (mounted on the facade of buildings).

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Window decoration and interior design style – how to adjust window decorations according to the style of the room?

Window decorations play an important role in the perception of the entire room. Therefore, it is important to adapt them to the style in which the interior is decorated. Modern window design is usually minimalist. It very often uses blinds or shutters. Particularly popular are Roman blinds which, in addition to their aesthetic appearance, are characterized by good protection from the sun’s rays. Blinds will also do well, for example, in loft interiors.

If you want to create a cozy, atmospheric interior, it is worth thinking about long curtains and curtains. The combination of these two elements makes the room seem warmer and moody. In stoned decorations, you may be tempted to go for slightly bolder window decorations. Colorful, patterned curtains will give your home a whole new character. Window decoration in children’s rooms also gives you the opportunity to let yourself do more. There are plenty of curtains available on the market, for example with fairy tale characters which will certainly appeal to the youngest.

Modern window design

Modern window design – this you need to know

In modern apartment design, it is very important to pay attention to the smallest details. To create a minimalist interior, it is worth thinking about every element. While it may not seem obvious, window design tremendously affects whether a room will achieve the desired decor.

Modern window design is characterized by the fact that it is not conspicuous. It should be selected to give the impression of invisibility. Therefore, the most common choice for minimalist interiors are elements covering only the window pane, i.e. blinds or shutters. Curtains or drapes are much more eye-catching.

Just a few years ago, the most popular were day-night blinds, but now the most fashionable and desirable are Roman blinds. Their uniqueness lies in the way they roll up on the window. They do not have the traditional roca on which the material is wound, and the whole thing gathers at the top of the window, creating effectual waves.

If, however, you care about the coziness created by curtains – it is best to opt for long, bright and made of smooth material. Their appearance will also be influenced by how they are attached. Curtains on suspenders can be easily hung on the curtain rod, as you only need to thread them on the rod. Using the curtain rod, it is also possible to hang the curtains on special wheels. If you prefer to attach them to the slats on the ceiling – be sure to get the jabots.

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Lounge window trim – practical tips

Lounge window trim should be adapted to the size of the room. In large living rooms you can afford thicker fabrics and richer patterns, but in smaller ones it is worth betting on lightness and airy materials that will optically enlarge the space. It is worth remembering that window decoration is not only curtains, blinds or drapes, but also what is on the windowsill. The living room is the perfect place to put plants, photo frames or candles.

Living room window decoration – inspirations

Living room window decoration gives a wide range of possibilities. Here are some inspirations for decorating the window in various living rooms:

A small living room looks good with bright, light decorations. The whole is perfectly complemented by potted flowers, giving a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Windows with a wide windowsill and a deep alcove can be arranged as a corner to spend leisure time. In the photo, you can see how well the blinds blend with the curtains and how cozy the look is provided by cushions.

If you don’t care about being cut off from the sight of passersby or you have a beautiful view outside your window, there’s nothing stopping you from leaving your window undecorated. Stylish, large windows by themselves can be beautiful enough.

A real treat for lovers of stylish interiors is to decorate your windows for Christmas. You can then decorate the windows with twigs, baubles, lights or red socks. We are limited only by our imagination.


How to arrange bedroom window decor?

The bedroom is a place of tranquility and rest. Many of us take great care in decorating this place in our home. It’s a room where mood and calming atmosphere matter. Window decorations are helpful in achieving the perfect atmosphere. Particularly good are curtains made of thick material which will protect us from the adverse effects of the sun’s rays. The color scheme is worth coordinating with other design elements, such as bedding.To the curtains according to your preference, you can choose a curtain, blinds or curtains. The important thing is that the whole thing should be a cohesive place where we can relax.

Window design in the kitchen

Windows in the kitchen are often located near the sink and countertops on which food is prepared. In this room they are most heavily exposed to dirt. Therefore not the best solution in the kitchen are curtains or drapes. Their material easily absorbs dirt, which means that stains could often be visible on them. In modern kitchens, Roman blinds or blinds are most often used. These are practical solutions that, with their minimalism, fit into kitchens in different styles.

Troublesome attic windows with strange shapes – how to decorate them?

Decorating roof windows that have unusual shapes and are slanted can seem complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth! On such windows it is also possible to install blinds or curtains. In the case of blinds and shutters, the matter seems simple, but what to do with a curtain, so that on a sloping window it does not simply hang down? It is worth installing two curtain rods – not only over the window, but also under. On windows with unusual shapes, you can stick window film and install window screens.

Now you know how you can decorate your windows and what to use to not disturb the aesthetics of the entire room. Which of the decorations appealed to you the most? Or maybe you liked the inspiration from Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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